Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 220: Correction!

First, whoops, yes, the BB Gun story as we call it (A Christmas Story is it's real name), was filmed in winter, but it was a mild winter, so they had to truck in the snow and/or make it on sight.  My mother in law gave me this little insight into the movie, "The scene where mom and dad are having an adult beverg eby the window at night and it'snowing.... fan gently blowing bags and bags of instant mashed potatoes to get the effect! Super cold because it was winter and Randy's character said it was a bear to put on but he was the warmest person on the set!"

So, there you have it!  It's a Christmas favorite for our whole family, and yes, I've seen the behind the scenes footage and googled pictures of the actors when they grew up.


What does the piggy say?

I KNEW Justin would do something like this!


Drink your ovaltine!

On the phone with the other mom.

Finally, the Red Rider BB Gun, and Dad's bowling ball!

 The next set of pics are from their trip to Cedar Point in Ohio today.  Justin rode all the coasters that Grandpa and the big boys did.  Crazy people!  Grandma, like me, stayed on the ground and took pics and cheered them on!

Entrance to the little kid's part of the park that the boys did NOT do, lol.

Big wet ride!

This coaster is being retired making room for a new one.

A few more pics from last Friday at Holiday World.

Nice and easy ride.  I remember this one!  It's my kind of ride!

Don't you think he's too little for these big kid rides?  When did he grow up?

I'm guessing he was super pumped about conquering this ride!

Look who else is growing up!  Those are MY shoes!

She'll be my size in no time!

Watch out people, Abishai is one of those huggy types!

He loves to vacuum!

Keturah: Mom!  Come look at my blueberry snowman!
The rest of my day was spent trying to get rid of a headache and shoulder pain, as well as empty out the back of the van by dropping off some of it's contents to various places.  And changing Abishai's diaper 4 times in like 1 hr.  Fun mommy times.  Tomorrow is another day, and I get to see the doctor to refill my prescriptions, yeah!  No health insurance yet, so hopefully it won't be too expensive.  This doctor actual doesn't deal much with health insurance.  I'm not sure of all the in's and out's, so we'll see.  We'll be doing Abishai's 18 month old shots there next week.

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