Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 223: The Rest of the Story

And now for the other parts of our day:
Before the Ark

Steak and Shake for lunch, of course.  No one got shakes though.  Counting calories.  Abishai didn't like the hat.

Huge plate of adult sized food.


This kid and his goofy grin.  He's all smiles until...

....he eats 2 lemons and kept going!  He even shivered because it was so sour!  But seriously, he kept at it!  Crazy kid!

Maybe one of the last times she orders a kids meal.  She was still hungry after this.

After the Ark, we went to Jungle Jim's, a Cincinnati store filled with items from countries all over the world!  It was a huge store!   And lots of items had only their native language on it!

Jungle music played as we walked in.
The tea aisle, just for Jared.

Yup, squid!

This isn't your average bug candy.  There's REAL bugs in it! No joke! Ew, ew ,ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.  Gross!


Frozen Octopus!

Aw, they even have a section for Canada!  Lots of maple syrup of course!

I walked down the aisle and before I saw the "Canada" sign I thought to myself, "I recognize those brands.  We even bought some of those brands!  This must be...yup, it's Canada!"

I've definitely bought those pickles before and the map - o - spread!  Very tempted to get the map-o-spread!


Who knew there was banana and strawberry nutella-like spreads?  Hm,...

Sweden!  Our heritage!
British: White Breakfast Pudding has oatmeal and sausage meat together.  Um, ok.

We walk into the store, and this is the first display I see.  I recognized it as a chip brand from New England!  Sure enough, they were made in PA.

Mini Octopus Salad 
King Crab or snow crab like what they catch on that reality TV fishing show in Alaska we used to watch!

BEST MOMENT EVER! I have a video of Abishai saying "woah" for the first time while pointing and bending down to look at the fish.  He kept saying it over and over and over!  They had lobster, too, which just wouldn't be the same as getting it off the truck on PEI.

Kangaroo meet for Jared!
Filet of python!  And I decided against posting the picture of yes, a raw lamb's head without the skin but with the eyeballs!

Artisan bread Jared would have liked.

All the kinds of honey you could ever want for your tea!

More bread.

In store bake goodies.  It's good thing the adults are trying to eat healthy so we weren't tempting in buying any!

Jerky! But only about 1/6 of the kinds they had!

Of course Justin finds the smallest place to hide in.

Chick Fil A for dinner of course!  He banged on the table for it!

Our goodies from Jungle Jim's.

Sugar Free chocolate for Mom.  Strawberry spread with sticks (nutella brand) for Keturah.  Peach Nector for Justin.

Chocolates for Keturah (although they were made here.  Rice stick noodles for Jared when he has wants Chinese noodle soup after watching the Kung Fu Panda movies.

Pickles for Abishai.  He LOVES pickles!  Swedish pancakes for Justin (again, it was actually made in the states).  When asked what kind of soveneir he wanted from Jungle Jim's, he (and cousin Nora) wanted pancake mix.  Of all the special things in that store, he wanted pancake mix.  Go figure.  Not featured is Benaiah's different flavored chips he got.  He hid them well away from his siblings.
And finally, on the drive home:

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