Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 237: Boredom

Wow, we are not used to being home with nothing to do!  Ok, we have lots of "stuff" and we've tried some of that "stuff" this week, but we are still wandering around not knowing what to do next.  Since I've got school ready to go, we might as well start next week!  Our first co op day is on Monday anyway.  When you are working with lots of people's schedules, and circumstances (like naps and headaches and flying insects), it's hard to plan anything and have fun.  It's an adjustment having Jared gone again, too.  Tomorrow is another day, so we'll try to do something fun and interesting, even if it means 2 hrs of riding in the car to take Jared to his jobsite.

So, there's that. And this is what we did do today.

Always a fun time when pretending to shave the toddler's face.

Don't worry, there's no blade in it.  Abishai was actually very still for it.


What a ham!

This guy is such a climber!  He can lean on the counter and dangle his feet.  He also sits on the back or side of the chair.  We can't find enough high places to keep precious stuff away from him!

Jared cooked his special meat with a little bit of orange, as was suggested.  I had some and it wasn't that different from regular beef.  It didn't taste gamey like deer meat either.  It did have a different taste, but I could get used to it.

Because Justin had a headache and we couldn't go to the splashpad, I allowed the kids to put a little bit of water in the baby pool.  I think Keturah had more fun than Abishai in it.  I just don't want to fill it up too much b/c then we have to dump it over the railing and I don't want to scare our neighbor or have it pour into her porch.

After a little bit of rest, I was able to convince Justin to Skype with one of his best friends from PEI.  They made faces at each other for 1 hr!!  It really brightened Justin's mood.  At first he didn't want to talk to his friend because it made him sad.  But afterwards he said he was really glad that he got to.  Since there is an hr time difference, it was nearing bedtime for Justin's friend, but his mom allowed him to stay up to talk to Justin.  Thank you!!

Meanwhile, I think we've finally found some YouTube videos that will keep Abishai occupied for a little bit.  Mommy just needs a break now and then (besides his 3 hr nap).  It's this goofy Mother Goose channel, but it's nursery rhymes and songs with hand motions.  Keturah and he watched it for an hr yesterday.

Yeah! He sat still for a few minutes!  I know he's sitting pretty close to the TV and sitting on a table, but I'm just happy we found something he likes.

I did not want to give the kids those colored ice cream cones tonight, so I put their ice cream in bowls instead.  Well, Abishai didn't understand that you needed to use a spoon, so he face planted into his ice cream to lick it up.  Goofy boy.  He was extremely sticky afterwards.
Meanwhile, Benaiah is doing well in school, has only a little bit of homework, has made some friends in his class, and well, thinks all the girls are drama queens.  Lol!  They have a big yard sale fundraiser at the school tomorrow and Saturday, so Grandma and he are going early tomorrow to help out.  I'm so glad we have grandparents that can help out like this because I simply can't be there for everything.  It's frustrating to me because I want to serve and help, but this is a particularly hard season of life with kids in different stages with different needs, and my own health getting in the way.  Letting go of doing it all by myself is hard, but necessary.  I'm grateful for the teachers and parents at Benaiah's school that can help out, and for even some of my friends contributing when their kids don't even go to the school!  We are blessed!  Even when our parking lot has way too many bugs and it's still 87 degrees outside!  Tomorrow is a new day!

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