Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 276: One more day...

One more day of early rising tomorrow, and then we can recover on Wednesday (only to go out again early on Thursday).  What was I thinking?  Well, better now than in the dead of winter, right?  Great weather today, so Abishai and I had a nice 1.5 mile walk in the parking lot as usual during homeschool co op.  He doesn't mind going in circles.  I listened to a podcast on auto immune diseases and thyroid disorders.  The guest on the show was very interesting, so I decided to subscribe to her podcast as well.  I ruled out graves for me, but looked up hoshimoto's, and a lot of the symptoms I have match it's list of symptoms.  I had the doctor do a thyroid test, and I'm hoping he wrote down to get numbers for T3, T4, and TSH.  I told him to get all three.  Anyway, just something more to think about for my issues.

Then I was able to bring Abishai back to the condo for his nap because Jared was working from home.  Leah's car was in the shop today, so she couldn't babysit.  She texted Jared some of the details of what was wrong with it, but I can't remember exactly what it was.  I think it's fine now though.  I love that we are only 5 minutes from co op because on days like this morning, we were running a bit late.  The ladies watched the two middles during lunch and of course their next class while I took Abishai home and went to the post office and grocery store for a few things.  I was able to make it back for my second class in time.  It feels weird to leave others in "charge" of them when I'm "supposed" to be there all day as well, but the other moms do go out to buy lunch or do co op related things like buy sugar or make a deposit, etc.  It was great to get in and get out of the stores without dragging kids around.

The kids also got some time on the playground today with their friends because their last class got out early.  Then it was the normal come home and put things away, make dinner (Jared made tuna with lots of veggies), clean up, split firewood (a new nightly chore!), laundry, etc.  Tomorrow is dentist, Abishai's immunizations, and school in the afternoon.  Onward!

Abishai's new word of the day: wawa for water!  And po-po (short O sound) for pickles!  He also pointed to the top of the fridge where we keep the mini ice cream cones because he wanted one.  He'll carry his clothes to the laundry room.  He'll sit down for us to put on or take off his shoes when asked.  He's actually quite obedient, for now anyway.  He didn't like it when his shirt got wet and dirty on the playground.

New game now that Keturah decided to start sleeping on her bed again.  Let's touch Keturah's toes before we sleep!

New chore!  Sweep the chimney!  Our new Cinderella!

Yes, we drink the pickle juice in the this house.

Yup, it's Indiana.  You still get above 80 degrees F in October.  But it was gorgeous today!

Chopping up comfrey root to make an herbal remedy  that will great for healing cuts and bruises.

Comfrey roots!

Pouring olive oil on the comfrey root and comfrey leaves.  Then we'll make sure it stays well mixed for the next couple weeks, strain off the leaves and roots, and have some great oil to slather all over our boo boos!  This is what they are learning on botany class (and the names of plants, and parts of plants, etc.)

Abishai loves the automatic towel dispensers.  Thus the picture.

Having fun on the playground with their new friends.  Playing ice cream store here.


Even a couple of the older kids got involved.  Crazy homeschoolers!

New nightly chore: chop the wood for the fire!

He thinks he's strong, lol.

Helping to carry up the wood, Keturah's new job.
And I got my new Lilla Rose Flexi's in the mail today!  Aren't they gorgeous!  The hot air balloon is no longer available but the fox on is October's Flexi of the Month, so you have plenty of time to check it out.  I ordered them on Friday, they shipped just a couple of hours later, and then they were in my mailbox today.  Now, which one will I wear tomorrow?  Too many choices!  Go check out all the choices at Melinda Johnson's Lilla Rose Homepage

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