Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 299: Recovery

Phew, that was crazy!  Abishai was sick on Monday, and then the rest of us got this stomach bug last night starting at 4 pm.  It was boom, boom, boom, boom.  Dropping like flies!  I was away with Benaiah at his school for teacher/parent conferences, and barely made it home.  Jared had to deal with the initial rounds, but he did a great job cleaning up.  I couldn't do a single thing until today when I started feeling better.  Thank goodness we have two bathrooms now!  Poor Abishai didn't know what to do with all of us yesterday and today.  He kept going from one person to another.  It was a strangely quiet day today, too.  No fighting.  Thankfully, this one was quick, and I actually like that it was all at once instead of spread out over a week.  So, we didn't do any school today and even Jared couldn't work.  We all took naps while Abishai took his.  We nibbled on what we can and tried to rehydrate.  I'm also glad we don't go through this often, maybe twice a year.  Speaking of gratefulness, this is what I will put in my gratitude journal:

- Jared working from home and could jump in and get the kids cleaned up while I was gone
- Easily rescheduled appointments for the rest of the week
- Our washer is on the same level as our living space instead of two floors away
- Two bathrooms!
- Less co op homework this week, so we'll be able to catch up in the next two days
- A full day "off" to just watch movies, sleep, not work, no major projects (I still ran a load of laundry and set the dishwasher to going), in the middle of the week.
- Leaving breathing room in our life so we don't panic when these things happen
- That I did my chores and picked up the house yesterday before I left
- Two kids that can handle themselves well during sickness

Other things to note was that Justin enjoyed listening to an audiobook about Camp 14 in the Korean War.  We haven't listened to any audiobooks like that, so it was fun to discover that he likes that!  He even said that he'd rather listen to the audio than read the book.  Duly noted!  And it reminds me of how my dad listened to many sci fi books on tape that he would get in the mail from the braille/blind lending library when he couldn't see well enough to read anymore.  I was able to remind the kids of that today.  It's important to make connections like that I think.  Keturah was definitely down for the count all day today.  She finally became slightly bouncy around 6 pm.  After eating some soup, she wanted ice cream, but overestimated how much she could handle and had to throw half of it away.  Abishai was definitely his normal self and he really does have a bad case of the trouble 2's.  I don't think we are doing anything different with him, but he's a passionate little guy, so if he's unhappy, everyone knows it.

Now, Benaiah and teacher/parent conferences.  Every single teacher told me how wonderful he is and a joy to work with.  He's an example to the rest of his classmates.  He's responsible.  He's not snobbish, he's self confident.  They want to make him a teacher's assistance in a couple of his classes.  He has a love for learning.  Pretty much, he's a teacher's pet.  But who is this child?  Because that's certainly not the kind of kid I had to deal with in the past.  But instead of focusing on that, I reminded him and myself that Jared and I have trained him in these ways and he's now just finally applying all those lessons.  For a couple of the meetings, we were in the teacher's lounge, and when we were done, we didn't get up right away, but a couple of teachers came in.  So, here Benaiah and I are, having a regular conversation with 3 of his teachers and it didn't feel odd at all.  I'm so grateful for Southside Christian School and how these teachers care more about the kids than academic performance.  I mean that they do all they can to see these kids succeed, but they put a huge emphasis on a kids' character and relationship with God.  It's awesome to hear that and to partner with these teachers, and even talk homeschool teacher to private school teacher about teacher stuff.

Benaiah's first not at home school picture.  2016. 9th grade.  14 year old.
Abishai has figured out how to get under the bed.  At least there's room for him this time.  Usually I have too much stuff under there.

Bulldozing through life...Abishai rubs his hair on the carpet and goes up and down the hallway like that.  Justin wanted to copy him.

Fun times yesterday snuggling in the hallway.

A fun way to remember which states seperated from the USSR in the 1990's.  First letter of each food matches the first letter of the state.  Let's see: Hungary (hot dogs); Poland (pork); Czechasylavikia (condiment); Bulgaria (blueberries); East Germany (egg); Romania (raspberry dressing); Albania (apple).  I didn't come with this assignment.  You can thank Mystery of History for that.  (We did this yesterday before I left for the afternoon).

I love the baby in the bucket look!  Jared took Abishai down the stairs to get the mail.  Let's do this!

Watching "Cars" together.  Justin hopes it will be Abishai's favorite movie.  Abishai did enjoy all the songs this time.

Treats from California.  Abishai's first big lollipop!  I'm not sure how this is going to go since he's never really licked anything before.

Ring pops in the shape of Finding Dory characters and Hello Kitty nutella type dipping bucket.

Cookies in cream yummies.

For Dad's truck.  Justin wants to put them in his room.

Abishai's using his sign for "open" asking Keturah to open her candy.

My treats, lots of coconuts.
Yes, I let the boy drive around the parking lot of his school.  He as pumped.  He also tended to stick too much to the left and wouldn't widen his circle.  I survived.

Mommy had to hang out in the bathroom so Abishai came to visit.  Cute tongue baby!

Abishai found a nice spot to read a book, right outside of Mommy's bathroom.
What a contrast - Benaiah driving and Abishai fitting in my lap wanting Mommy time.  Sigh.  Time flies.  Time to catch up tomorrow.

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