Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 278: That's Better

Yes, today was better.  Still a bit of fighting, and I'm still in lots of pain from whatever is going on with my shoulder, but we made some progress today.  The kids really are getting better at getting their homework done.  I made them do 2 co op classes worth because I don't like working over the weekend and they have 5 sets of homework to do in 4 days.  Today's history lesson was short because it was on the Watergate Scandal, something else I'm not that familiar with.  They both did their assignments for it without an issue.

Abishai was very cranky as we had expected he would be.  He did have a slight fever that was brought down by Tylenol or Motrin.  He had 4 shots, 2 in each leg, so his legs are extremely tender.  I've been carrying him a lot, and we have all tried to comfort and cuddle with him.  He napped fine, so that was a good break.  He also just didn't know what he wanted to do or eat.  We are trying to teach him more words, or to at least point at something or show us something.  He's able to pull us over to something he wants, too.  Lots of steady progress toward those milestones.

My doctor called today with the test results of last week's blood draw.  He didn't give me any numbers, but he said everything was normal, including the thyroid levels, except that my white blood cell count was high.  He wasn't sure what to do with that information.  A quick google search got me started on what more to test for and think about.  Things like :Lyme disease or some other infection.  I also finally got him to order an MRI, because the spine and pain specialists won't even take on my case if I don't have imaging of the issue.  So, his office is looking into where I should go to get it done.  I would say that's some progress on the health front.  I also asked him to call in a prescription for Ultram/Tramadol, which I've had before, so I can cover up the pain better and function better.  That much pain affects my mood and patience and leads to depression.  Again, baby steps to fixing my issues.

The pictures below will show you more of our day today.

I was going to change Abishai's diaper and feed him lunch, but he was so tired from his little body doing it's thing against the vaccines that he fell asleep watching Justin play his DS.  Precious, precious moment.

Yesterday was the season premiere of the TV show, "The Flash" on the CW network.  It's the first of a 4 night/show line up of superhero shows we love, including "Arrow."  We've been counting down and waiting for this all summer!  We have to watch our shows 1 day later than they air when they post them directly on the CW website.  How cool is that?!  We don't have to pay for it or find some risky website to watch it from.  Anyway, something we can do together.

Leah gave me a recipe for paleo pumpkin bars, so here's the result.  I'm so happy that I actually had almost all of the special ingredients for once.  They are very moist and decently sweet.  But I can still tell the difference between almond flour and regular flour.  The taste is just different, and I have had a hard time getting used to it.  But, at least I have a sweet treat to eat.

I also made lentil stew for the first time.  I froze most of it in single serve portions and I didn't make the kids eat it.  I know they don't like beans.  It came out ok.  Reminds me of pea soup a bit.  I'm not suppose to eat too much of this at a time, and that's fine.

Jared made a design on Justin's hot pocket with mustard.  My kids had no clue what a hot pocket was!  I used to buy them and ramen noodles all the time for Jared's lunches when we were first married, so much so that we got sick of them!  Keturah didn't really like it, but Justin and Abishai ate them.

Keturah got an "elf hat" drop of mustard.

Abishai didn't know how he wanted to eat his ice cream.  I tried putting it back in the freezer, but then he cried all the more.  He finally ate it all.

I dumped the second bag of lentils out on a tray after Abishai saw the bucket in the cupboard.  He was remembering playing in the lentils in the bucket on Monday at co op.  We had lots of fun for about 15-20 minutes writing letters and throwing lentils around the kitchen.

Abishai did not like the feeling of the lentils on his feet.  And he also didn't want me to put them away.

We used all kinds of utensils with the lentils.

And yes, finally, it's the season 5 premiere day of Arrow.  So I added a new sticker to my phone case.  I think the logo is from season 3.

The show starts NOW.  But I will have to wait to watch it until tomorrow.
That's all she wrote, folks.

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