Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 282: Staying home, a true day of rest

Justin said, "And on the seventh day, God rested." And I said, well, buddy, today's not the 7th day of the week, it's the 1st day of the week.  So, Jared and I launched into a brief discussion on how Jews still take Saturday as their Sabbath as God had instructed and set an example of.  And Christians take Sunday as the Sabbath day or day of rest, because Jesus rose on Sunday.  In any case, yes, we try our best to actually rest on Sunday, and we got to do that today.

I caught up on some paperwork and scheduling activities, and general clean up.  The kids played board games after I insisted that they did before getting on their electronics.  Jared napped.  I listened to a bunch of podcasts I wanted to get caught up on.  All the typical stuff.  Then Jared took the oldest two boys to a movie.  They only got to see 30 minutes of it because there was some "water emergency in the theater.  But they did get 8 free tickets out of it!

Meanwhile, we played with GeoTrax and Little People.  And I was reminded, once again, that we have too many toys because it filled the living room!  Santa doesn't need to show up this year, at least not with physical goods.  I'm thinking gift certificates for fun activities.  Hm,....

Our Canadian friends celebrate their Thanksgiving this weekend (the holiday is actually on Monday), so Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!  (including our Canadian little boy, Abishai)
Abishai did go all the way into the box to try and pull the Geotrax and Little People out, but then Keturah just ended up picking up the box and dumping it.

When Benaiah was little, we decided we would not buy the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train sets because the tracks come apart easily and the trains fall off too easily.  Instead, we went with Fisher Price's Geo Trax.  We ended up collecting several sets seen here.

And then we also collected the larger, newer style of Little People.  Abishai's favorite garage for his cars is actually Little People.

Yes, we know it's not like the real Noah's ark, but it's got some pretty neat animals!

Keturah loves playing with Abishai, too.

It's finally cooling off around here!  This was a couple of nights ago.

And finally the leaves are starting to turn just a little bit.  We did go outside of a little while to ride bikes and walk around our building and parking lot.

And then there's some things that are best told in video form;

Ready, set, go!....purple minion style!

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