Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 288: From the Shire to Metropolis and Gotham to Somewhere in the Matrix

Well, most of the pictures I have to share today come from the adventures of J2 plus B.  They had a BLAST checking out Hollywood and making me just a tad jealous.  I mean, come on!  It's DC Comics!  Never in my dreams would my 15 year old self believe my 35 year old self would be into comic book characters, but here I am.  Anyway, I was at the Fearless event all day, then home for a quick bite to eat, then went to church (where I had a hard time staying awake), and am now wrapping up my day.  The rest of the family played video games, ate, and napped, I think.  They picked up the train set, too.

I'm exhausted mentally because of all the great teaching from Heidi St. John this weekend and I'm exhausted physically because the combination of Ultram (tramadol) and caffeine do not make for a restful night.  I don't think I fell asleep fully until 5am, and when I did, I had a very weird, icky kind of dream.   Tomorrow we'll play clean house, get our books ready for co op on Monday, and plan the rest of our week.

Ok, I'll do my best at narrating what these things are.

Ben Affleck costume in Batman v Superman

Kryptonite, Batman v Superman

JEALOUSY ABOUNDS from Justin and I.  AHHHHHHHH  I saw this very display on a video from a Comic Con or something.  These comic books are the FIRST comic book EVER for each character, aka they are VERY VERY old and VERY VERY rare.  Ah!

Oval Office from the tv show West Wing, which, my parents and I faithfully watched for all of it's seasons.

The Matrix!  The Matrix series is the first series we owned as a married couple.  I haven't watched them in years.

Well, um, guess!  Batman of course!  I think Batman v Superman

Since it's Batman's 75th year anniversary of existing, I THINK this is the original batmobile?  I'm probably mistaken.

The Hobbit.  Benaiah should have taken off his shoes and socks and shown everyone his hobbit looking feet!

Benaiah got to pretend he was in a movie with this green screen and the Batcycle!

Oh my goodness!  This same exact storyline was featured on the tv show the Flash last year!  They even recreated the scene and took photos so fans could compare them side by side.  Ah!

I'm not sure what this is, but maybe a video game?

10 guesses, and the first 9 don't count.  Justin actually knew which movie this was from, Batman v Superman.  I kept thinking it was from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series.
Leah holding a real Oscar!

Benaiah's turn holding the Oscar.  And I have no idea what's going on with that haircut!  I think he's trying to grow it out so he can comb it over like Jared did in high school.

Ah, fun!  This picture was probably taken with Justin in mind.  I'm sure we'll all go and see this movie!  It's going to be real movie, not just a made for TV or DVD special.  Justin doesn't play the Lego video games as often anymore since getting into Minecraft and Destiny with the youth leaders.  Justin actually said yesterday that he wanted to play minecraft when we got home from the Historical Society because he wanted to build a cool looking building like that building was, right next to the canal, and with the nice staircase and everything.  So, he did appreciate the beauty of architecture!
And finally, last but not least, my friend and I with Heidi St. John.  It's blurry because I decided to crop the picture because I'm honestly much larger than I ever thought I would be.  I want my kids to know if they read this blog someday, that I did save the original photo as well and maybe someday I can use it as my "before" picture when I'm at the end of my weight loss journey.  It's something that I'm diligently trying to find the right solution for.  However, it was an incredible women's event with an incredible speaker.  She knows her stuff!  She's bold and teaches straight from the Word of God.  And she's big on prayer as well.  I could tell there were women there from lots of denominations and it's incredible to be able to come together and agree on most topics and not have to worry about the parts of theology that make us different (like baptism).  I'm not sure all what to say about the what was said.  I did a lot of writing, but it's very personal.  I'm hoping to implement better spiritual disciplines back in to my daily routine, and include daily scripture writing.  Heidi spoke Scripture not because she sat and memorized it, but because she reads the Bible daily and writes some of it out.  The middles and I need to improve our handwriting anyway, so I think we'll do it together, with Keturah writing alot less than Justin and I will do.  We'll see.  Tomorrow I will figure all of that out.  Thanks ladies for going with me, and thanks Heidi for coming all the way from Washington state with your husband, oldest daughter and youngest grandson and best friend.  Can't wait to see her at the homeschool convention in the spring!
Now, onward to our Sabbath.

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