Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 280: Another beautiful day

I didn't realize how nice it was outside until I stepped out this evening to go to the grocery store!  We had the a/c on for a few days because it got close to 80, but I think it's now going to be between 65-70 for a bit, before plunging to under 60.  Yippie!  Windows open!  Which means more allergy symptoms, but who cares!  Poor Benaiah has a cold/sinus something going on, so I gave him some off brand essential oil to use to help clear it up (and to get rid of it so I can buy the better brand of it!)  Yes, essential oils, there are pure brands and not so pure brand.  Let's just say, I will not be buying cheap oils ever again.  I bought some deep relief roll-on from Young Living and I'm super impressed about how it's already working so well.  There IS a difference.

Anyway, yes, we finished up school on time again this week!  Yeah!  And Benaiah brought all his grades up to A's and B's!  He's probably the top of his class (of 12 kids remember).  There's been some issues with the other kids disrespecting teachers and not getting assignments in on time, and Benaiah's finally seeing that it's not the way to be.  He's been extremely responsible, and we are proud of him!  Justin is naturally the same way.  Keturah needs to be dragged into finishing some of her work, but once she gets going, she is able to keep up.  Abishai just makes a mess for his "learning" time, lol.  Actually, I suspect Abishai will learn 1-2 words per week for the next little while.  He now has added "wa-wa" (water) to his list.

Grandma and Grandpa then took the middle kids to see "Storks" while Benaiah, Abishai, Jared and I went to the grocery store this evening.  I still can't believe how cheap groceries are compared to my beloved Island, and compared to stores like Kroger or Marsh.  I don't care if you shop the sales, Aldi's will always be cheaper.  I no longer have to add up the total price as we go because I know we will be under budget.  This time we were over, but that's because we bought diapers and we had stretched our food for a bit and needed to stock back up.  Plus they have so many specialty items that they rotate through every year (German stuff for Octoberfest).  They even had a bathmat and other bathroom accessories, and sometimes they have cookware, or Halloween decorations, etc.  And everything pumpkin, including pumpkin marshmellows!  And pumpkin ice cream!  Fun stuff!

So, that was our day.  Oh, I was able to get a different pain medication for my shoulder until I can get an MRI done.  It's similar to one I had before, and thanks to my wonderfully smart friends, I figured out how it compares.  It does have some side affects until I get used to it, but hopefully those will go away soon.  And hopefully it will help keep the pain at bay just enough for me to function.  I never want to mask the symptoms of a bigger problem.

Justin playing dead for Abishai.

Abishai took a couple of micro machines, threw them down a hole in Justin's desk while he was on Justin's bed.  Then he would get off the bed, go around it, and find the cars, and then do it all over again.  He did it multiple times.

Baba, play with me!

Balls!  Oh, and that's another new attempt at a word!  "Ball!"

Abishai gets up and down Justin's ladder with ease, and loves running on his mattress.

What can I say, the boy loves his hummus!  He left the crackers behind.

Give me the hummus!

Abishai loves tickling Jared's ears, because Jared gets a real reaction!  It really bothers him!  Good times!

Abishai likes shooting the bad guys too.

I think we can see that they are related, check out those ears and round heads!

Tickling Daddy's ears!  Or giving "wet willies!"

Benaiah's got some funny faces now and again.

Someday, I just might show this to a girlfriend or something.  Or not.

Monkeying around, like a goat, giving brother a pat on the head.

One of the best games there is, playing peek a boo with the halfway.

Lots of giggles!

Ok, so poor Jared has been working from home in the crowded and noisy living room.  So, I set about making an "office" for him today in our room.  It's not much, and I could possibly make room for him on my big desk, but it's a start.  We want him to work well, and it's hard to separate work and play time when you have a toddler around.  Plus he doesn't need to be distracted when I'm teaching the others either. So, hopefully, maybe, he can come in here to set up shop and close the door to our everyday noise.  One step at a time to get back up on our feet.

Jared let Abishai out of his carseat when we got gas this evening.   Abishai did NOT want to get back in.  He's fascinated by anything and everything to do with cars, just like Justin is/was.  He can hear the city busy or a big truck go by while I'm nursing him in our room AND the window is closed!  He hears airplanes overhead and looks for them.  And of course he has to make the nosies to go with them.
That's it for tonight.  Busy day tomorrow, as I have another bridal shower to go to, some errands to do, church, and a cookout.  But there's nothing on Sunday!  That's because youth group and choir are canceled due to fall break.  The kids here get two weeks off.  Our co op however does not take a break until American Thanksgiving.  Benaiah only has one week off, but that's not until the following week, starting Oct. 17.  But I do know, and miss, Canadian Thanksgiving is THIS weekend, so Happy Canadian Thanksgiving friends!  There's not many big turkeys out in the stores here yet, so we won't be celebrating with one this weekend, but we'll be thinking of you!

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