Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 303: Get out of this house!

Yeah, we finally made it out of the house!  We got up early enough to make it to the 9:15 am church service.  Then we headed to the airport to surprise Jared.  He as just going to ride home with his dad.  I texted Gary late last night asking him what time the flight was coming in, but somehow Jared saw it and started asking about it.  Then, Jared asked me if we had made it home yet after church and I said we were at the "store" picking "something" up.  So, I don't think he actually guessed it this time.  Next time I'm home and I'm bored, I really should just take the kids to the airport and let them watch the planes take off from the cell phone lot or something, or maybe the top of the parking garage.  We did see their plane taxi to the gate this time.  Normally the planes are on the opposite sides of the two terminal "wings" and we can't see them from the large viewing window.  Abishai understood it was an airplane though!

Then it was naptime, and boy did Jared and I need that!  We did skip out on baby dedication because Benaiah couldn't be there and we all needed the rest.  I did take more anti-nauseua medicine last night and it's sleepy effects still affected me this afternoon.  We got up just in time to get the kids to youth group and choir events.  I stayed with Benaiah and Abishai at Gary and Leah's house because he was still not up to going anywhere.  He's still dizzy, so he's not going to school tomorrow either.  We're definitely not worried about him missing one day of school since he's doing so well.  Abishai had fun feeding Benaiah some grapes and pumpkin spice (!!!) cheerios (!!) though.  And he tried to get ba-ba to play with him, but Benaiah wasn't up for it.  Yes, pumpkin spice cheerios and they were good!  It wasn't too much pumpkin flavor actually.  I couldn't stop eating them!  Then I realized they probably have a ton of sugar in them.  Whoops!  Going back on the diet tomorrow and keeping a food journal for the new doctor because I'm assuming she'll want to see something about it.

That's about it.  Justin had a great time at their nerf wars event.  They provided the bullets and pizza and organized actual games to use the nerf guns in.  They played for over 2 hrs!  With nerf guns!  5th-8th graders!  Keturah said that Miss Christy will take away the voices on the practice cd next week so they can just practice with the music.  Yeah!

Back to normal routine tomorrow.  And no sightings of Mr. Mouse tonight.  I was thinking that we should have Socks, our dog, come up here for the day and sniff and scare the mice away.  Maybe that's why we didn't see any critters besides normal bugs in Charlottetown and in Beech Grove, although we didn't have Socks for the first 8 years living there.  Hm,...Socks would probably make friends with the things.  Socks was very eager to play tonight and we do miss him a lot.  But he's got a great place to stay in the meantime with Grandma and Grandpa.

Someone took over Grandpa's chair!

And someone is big enough to sit at the island!

Aww, can't believe he's nearing 2 years old!

I don't know if the duck basket was already there or not, but now it is, complete with trucks.

Man-child fills a couch!

Again, big boy at the table!

We left a gift for Grandpa near his favorite chair.   Abishai was also stacking the little trucks on the hitches of the big trucks.  I don't think the other kids did that when they played with cars.

Yup, our teenager.
Swoosh!! goes the airplanes!

We could see the old "Bank One" tower in the distance as well as the Colts Stadium.

FYI, the stadium holds 70,000 people!  If only 50,000 of those are filled, then that's the population of Charlottetown and it's surrounding towns!!  For a football game!  Craziness!  We saw a huge line of cars on the highway taking the exit to the stadium around noon on our way home from the airport going the opposite direction.  I'm thinking there was a game on at 1 or something.  We don't pay attention much to sports.

Daddy's airplane taxiing up.  I still remember walking on that tarmac before this terminal was open, even going down that side ramp there.  Indianapolis International Airport is actually very laid out, open and airy, and runs fairly smoothly on most days.  You should be when you are the "Crossroads of America," right?

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