Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 286: Beautiful Day!

It was a gorgeous day outside, so I'm glad we got to be out a little bit.  We powered through some school, and then Grandma came to hang out with Abishai while Keturah, Justin, and I went downtown to the President Benjamin Harrison home.  We met up with some of our friends from co op and learned tons!  Then we had some quick supper and took a short trip to the park to catch some of the beautiful red maple leaves in action.  Benaiah had school of course, and Jared worked all day on the construction job.  The temperatures were cool and crisp, perfect fall weather!  Mouse update: Grandma got to see the little critter today!  Grrr....if only we could catch it!

Keturah was messing around during school time and tripped and stubbed her toe pretty bad.  We weren't sure if she would be able to come on the field trip, but we bandaged her up, gave her tylenol, and away we went.  She did a great job not complaining about it throughout the tour.

Original chandelier at the BJ Home.  About 80% of the artifacts in the home are original thanks to donation by family members.

Upside down, but notice that there are not 50 stars on this flag!  6 sates were added to the country during BJ's presidency.

This was kind of like a record player, on the record was a sheet of copper.

A square piano that they still keep in tune and play for special events!

We found some of Justin's favorite books in the library by Charles Dickens!

This painting of Abraham Lincoln was shown near his casket when he laid in state here in Indianapolis.

Rose china!

Charlotte, BJ's wife, designed the presidential china and also cataloged the rest of the china used by previous presidents.

A home gym!

Hand stitching on an original BJ home quilt.

BJ's desk in his downton law office.

Our little group.

Red maples!

"O, Canada!"

Abishai now knows how to make the "say cheese!" face1  Cheesy smile!

Lots of leaves!  Abishai got into it, too!

A leaf hat!

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