Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 290: Exhausted from toddlerness

I really don't like it when Jared's gone until late in the evening working.  It means I'm on toddler duty all day, and well, on days like Mondays, it leaves me exhausted and in a lot of pain.  I'm grateful he has work, but I wish it could be broken up more evenly so I can get the help I need.  I was able to get a friend to watch Abishai for his nap today, thank goodness.  Mrs. Nellie and her family have faithfully attended the Creek for almost as long as the Johnsons have.  She has served year after year after year in the nursery with the birth to 9 month crowd.  Her twin grandsons are only a month younger than Abishai, so it was easy for her to play with him and take care of him.  I didn't have to worry one bit!

It's just the before and after naptime antics that are so exhausting.  I wish I could have been asleep as soon as I came home from co op.  Sigh.  Co op was fine, but I think the church's cleaning ladies came through and picked up the French flags we made to go with our Madeline story.  The math class was quick to get through their pages, including my middles who had very short lessons today.  I'm glad the rest of the moms could keep an eye on them when they were having lunch and I brought Abishai home.

Now everyone is snacking (again) but at least they've been showered.  Just in time for the muddy pumpkin patch tomorrow! Lol.  Oh well, they definitely needed it tonight.  Nothing else to report except that Abishai keeps calling Justin "da-da." We even left a message for Daddy saying his name.  Abishai's favorite toy right now is the micro machines.

Ok, I'm writing and signing off early.  Good night.

Moon after sunrise.

The kids look up to Justin, especially when he brings his Legos.

Lego time after our class today.

Jared finally got his license plate that says "historic" on it because the truck is over 25 years old!

I think he's got a ways to go before reaching that basket.

Dirty baby feet.

The gym has 3 full size basketball courts, so they have these curtains that you can divide the room up.  Peek a boo!

Botany class.  Today they worked on making a neosporin type mixture.

Playing games after math class.

Funny button.

Art class!

All 8 kids made parts for this piece of art.  The nose is 3D! and so are the ruffles on the lips!

Jared tweeted today about how he was glad he could put his skills to work helping a friend.  This is the after shot.

This is before.

On one hand, I'm glad Keturah attempted to do her hair for the first time ever!  On the other hand, as a stylist for Lilla Rose, I was like, "where did you find that claw?"  Hm,...now she just might try the Flexiclip instead.  I didn't make her take it out.  I'm just super happy she did it by herself!
Meanwhile, the vacationers didn't do much today.  Probably some reading by the pool I suspect.  And napping for some.

This was a picture from yesterday of their dessert.  Looks incredible!  I'm thinking since Gary took the pic, that one of those desserts actually belongs to him, lol.  Benaiah loves sweet food, just like I do, but I know he wouldn't eat two desserts like this.  Nice shirt, B! (Canadian)

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