Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 287: Indiana History, Fearless (The Busy Mom, aka Heidi St. John), and Ronald Reagan

Big, full day today.  The middles, baby and I went to the Indiana Historical Society downtown and learned how they look for clues in pictures to determine what's going on in a photo and from where and when it is.  Then we visited Eli Lilly in his first self owned pharmacy in 1877, the Ball company in the mid 1900's, and the signing of the Indiana Constitution 1816.  Beautiful building, great exhibits!  Hidden gem!  Plenty of parking for only $3! (Not being sarcastic!)  Then we rushed home and I was back out the door in under 2 hrs to attend Fearless, an event from The Busy Mom, aka, Heidi St. John.  I go back tomorrow for most of the day.  Yeah for being in the Crossroads of America aka convention/event capital of the world!  Ok, maybe not the world, but we do get a TON of events every year in Indianapolis, or other main cities in the midwest.  I have ONE FREE TICKET for the event if you want to join us tomorrow!  8a-3p on the northwest side of Indy.  I'm a little hyped up on regular coffee right now, so bedtime isn't going to come easy.  Oh well, I've got a few things to do.

Tomorrow is full with the event for me and then church, so my back will definitely be sore, and then Sunday I will have to work hard to get ready for Monday because I procrastinated, eek!  Plus, my printer is NOT printing clearly (yes I've cleaned it and followed all other instructions I can find, but I put in an off brand printer cartridge, so, I'm guessing that's the problem), so I have no idea what we'll do on Monday for class.  But at least Justin helped Jared clean up for supper, so I had a clean enough kitchen to come home to tonight!  Jared's always good about taking the time to cook a decent meal for the kids.  I was going to give him suggestions, but he just waved me off.  I am blessed.  Poor Abishai's not going to be happy with me come Sunday when he hasn't seen me all weekend.  He did as best as he could at the museum today, and no one complained about his busyness.  Benaiah's off on a little Grandma and Grandpa time in far away California.

Anyway, here's the pics.

Abishai, who did actually taste some crayons today, also colored while the kids listened to the instructor.  He colored the state bird, the cardinal, which is Grandma Howell's favorite bird!

They let Abishai play with this picture of cars when they saw him playing with cars.  My first thought was that maybe my grandfather, who owned a bodyshop, had a car shop like this.  I think it dates further back than his shop though.

Just two families, but we learned a lot, and the older kids loved on Abishai a ton.

Making a picture for what the future might hold.

An employee of Eli Lilly making pills by hand.  The guys were in character and could only answer questions pertaining to history up to that point, like who was president.

I loved how most of Eli Lilly's medications where actually herbal remedies.

Mr. Lilly said that when they moved into the building, they found this dead crow.  A crow is a good sign according to his Scandinavian (??) heritage that things would go well.  He said he would move to his next bigger shop, if the business grew.

I didn't know the Ball jar company was from Muncie, IN.

A picture of Eli Lilly's first shop.

Again, in character, but we learned how the Ball family helped people stretch their food supply in the times during WWII and after.

This picture is for a friend back on PEI who cans like crazy!  Eat a rainbow of veggies!

This REAL artifact is a real copy from 1816 of the Indiana Constitution.  The kids asked great questions in all three areas today and made sure they only asked things pertinent to that era.

Neat display of clocks!  There were clocks outside of the museum that actually went backward in time!

The view of one of the biggest hotels we know downtown Indy from the 2nd floor of the museum.

The state capital, which we really need to go to this year as well.

Gorgeous building!  Gary and Leah said they've never been to this museum and they've lived here for 27 years!

Beautiful staircase and atrium!  We didn't explore all the floors and rooms, so we'll have to next time.  They have a nice archival library as well.
The Ronald Reagan Library in California.
This is from the Benjamin Harrison home from yesterday, with some of the things that were at the White House when he was president, just to compare it with what Benaiah got to see today.

Recreation of the oval office at the RR Library.

So jealous!  Air Force One!  We actually used to have a set of Presidential airplane and motorcade in Matchbox car size.

Repping his school in front of the airplane.


Our pretty table and goodies to take home with us at the Fearless Women's event.

The woman of the hour, Heidi St. John.  Dynamic lady who teaches it straight from the Word and is not afraid to tell it like it is and how we can be salt and light in the culture.  I listen to her podcast, which is 15 minutes long, 3x a week.  She speaks on lots of current events, as well as homeshcooling, mothering, being a wife, and a woman of God.  With lots and lots of Scripture.  GREAT STUFF!
And that's it!  Can't wait to see what Jared and the kids get up to tomorrow while I'm gone and what Gary, Leah, and Benaiah will visit on their somewhat educational vacation.  I LOVE learning, and I LOVE museums!  The middles said today, "We just went to a museum yesterday, do we have to go again today?"  Yes, because we get a discount today!

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