Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 297: Sickness, Round 2

Well, we were all ready to go to homeschool co op this morning, but Abishai woke himself up with a sick stomach.  So thankful it was more phlegmy then well, other food, but it was a long, long day dealing with that.  I forgot how hard it is to keep a very active toddler in one place so the mess isn't all over the house.  He finally settled down, sleeping here, there and everywhere.  Everyone was on watch.  I just couldn't sit by his side all day, so I'd go do a chore, look over some homework, check email, etc and then check on him.  He was a bit feverish, but I didn't treat that with traditional medicine because he would have just thrown it up.  Instead, I tried out using Thieves essential oil mixed with liquid coconut oil on his feet, and peppermint oil/coconut oil on his tummy.  I'm convinced the oils helped to nip this in the bud because Abishai was running around close to normal by suppertime.  Yeah!  I put more oil on his feet tonight just to be sure.

Meanwhile, Keturah had a very runny nose.  And poor Justin didn't get to sleep until almost 1 am last night because he had Mountain Dew at 4 pm.  He was very upset at himself and couldn't calm down.  We tried oils, but this time it was also related to a runny nose, so I gave him some allergy medicine to knock him out.  So, we stayed home.  I went over to co op (thank goodness it's 5 minutes away!) to drop off homework and our contribution for the pitch in at the beginning of the school day and then back near the end to get homework.  I'm grateful that a) our kids don't get sick often b) co op is close and c) I don't have to do this homework run around often.

That was pretty much our day.  Follow the baby with a bunch of towels.  Make sure he's wrapped up and comfy so he can nap for a bit.  Hold towel under his chin and let him do the necessary evil.  Clean him up.  Repeat.  Sigh.

Side note: You can tell that I forgot to put my f-stop (I think that's what it's called) back to normal after being at the park yesterday.  All my inside pictures look too bright!  Whoops!

First nap of the day, Daddy got him set up on the couch while I was delivering homework.  Abishai only likes to sleep on his back or front.

My arsenal for the day.  The oils are NOT Young Living, but I am trying to use them up.  I diffused thieves and lemon in the air for the rest of us.  Backing soda for the wet spots.  Yes, a chemical lysol spray for the couch.  I ended up using washclothes instead of wasting paper towels all day.  Water and paci.  Blanket was nasty from the first part of the day, so I washed it and gave it back to him tonight.  He didn't seem to miss it because he snuggled up with the towels instead.
Lol, poor baby.

About midday, he tried walking around a bit, with a slight smile. 
Second nap.

Aww, poor baby.

Abishai fell asleep watching the new animated Thomas, which I don't like as much as the stop real life type one where you are just looking at the character and they don't move even though they are talking.  They also call Sir Topham Hat the "Fat Controller."  Say what?!  Anyway, Abishai doesn't care.  He loves the "woo-woo's!"
Nothing cheers the family up like Grandma's thick chicken noodle soup freshly made today!  I think Grandma enjoyed being near enough to do that for us.  She and Jared like their soup thick.  I don't care either way, but usually make it thin. 
Third nap? He did like nesting in the towels.

Baby butt in the air!

Daddy was concerned all day, coming out to check on him every threw up. 
Yes, Abishai fell asleep in the middle of the floor.  We just stepped over him.  His nap lasted about 20 minutes. 
Momma brought treats home because we were supposed to go to Steak and Shake after co op today with our friends.
Abishai's new treat - a red tractor!  He exclaimed about it for 10 straight minutes!
 Keturah's assignment for Grandpa's Bible Class this week was to color a picture of Queen Esther.  She decided to do it in Lego form instead.

Lots of attention to detail.  I was impressed!

Baby Buddha! Or a boy wish his raisins.  He kept trying to grab all of our food though.  I think he was hungry!

If you notice, Abishai is leaning forward riding his tricycle.  He is determined to get places and when he's been sick!

He looks so big walking around the parking lot wanting to use a raquet as a golf club.

Come on, let's go!

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