Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 285: Needing a lot of patience

I don't know what the deal is, but my patience doesn't last very long these days.  Especially when it's a busy week and there's deadlines to get homeschool co op homework done in between other things, like fun field trips!  Just got to take a deep breath and not worry.  I want their homework to be the best work and complete, but maybe that's just too much to ask sometimes.  But their history assignment of following a local election was very informative.  They choose the race for the Governor of Indiana, and we had to look up what the candidates' issues were, their accomplishments, write out a quote by them, etc.  I now know who I'm voting for at least in that category!  The page only included columns for the two main parties, but I added columns to include other parties and write in's.  Local elections can be VERY VERY important.  And your vote really does count in these races.  So get out and vote!

Otherwise, we spent some time outside this morning because they were stir crazy, especially little man!  And it continued throughout the day!  Ah!  Accept when they watched TV.  Then they sat still.  Abishai only slept 2 hrs again today, as he did yesterday as well.  Hm,...I hope that's not the new trend!  Then we took Justin to Bible Bowl practice and on the way home Abishai said a new word!  BIBLE!!!  So cool!  And he can say "ice cream" in his own sweet way, too.  He followed up his ice cream cone with pickles for his bedtime snack.

Started the day eating scrambled eggs and watching the vrooms driving by!  Big boy plate and big boy fork!

A craft I made at my Momsnext meeting last week.

Beautiful candles bought in the Ukraine, a door prize at the bridal shower on Saturday.

I showed Justin how to play games by yourself because I have 3 siblings but often, I would have to play by myself!  But they enjoyed playing Monopoly Jr. together.  Now, if they could get along the rest of the day.

Some stories Keturah wrote this week.

It tasted like a cross between sweet potato/squash casserole and bread stuffing.  Of course, there's no bread, and I substituted some ingredients but it was surprisingly VERY VERY good!  Worth a try!

Let's just hang out in the bathroom and read books.  We tried a few minutes of naked time on the potty, too, but no luck.

Cute little reader!

This is not a softball, but a "cabbage" ball that Uncle Aaron and Aunt Shauna used to play in New Orleans.

He tried the marshmallow gun!  So cute!

I can do what big brothers do!

Chasing after his siblings so he can color their bikes with chalk.

Chalk writing!

It's hard when your name is long.

I drew the A, and Abishai drew the lines.

Say cheese!

He walked the bike around in a circle.
And tonight, as I write this, Jared is stalking a mouse that ran across the edge of the fireplace and disappeared under the TV stand.  He's got a BB gun on hand.  Oh joy!  I've heard other people in different parts of the city are having the same issue, so we are not alone.  Fun times!

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