Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 296: Sickness, and surprise revealed

Benaiah and Mommy 12 years ago.  Justin said, that's Abishai!
Wow, what a rough start to the day!  Abishai woke up around 1:30 am and came into bed with us  slept until 5:30 am surprisingly.  I got up with him, but I knew that I was coming down with a cold, so Jared and I switched places so I could get some rest.  I slept until 10 am, while he fed the kids and took them to Home Depot.  Yes, Home Depot, on a Sunday morning.  Feels/sounds weird.  We try very hard not to shop on Sunday morning at the very least.  We want employees to be able to go to church.  It makes me even more grateful for Saturday night services so that those employees do have more choices.  Unfortunately, most won't take it.  On Prince Edward Island, most businesses had no or limited hours on Sunday.  While it can be an inconvenience at times, I'm glad it is so.

Then this afternoon, Jared took the boys out to eat and do a dollar movie theater and then to church for youth group.  Keturah, Abishai, and I were home, where Abishai slept for 4 hrs.  Well, that's what happens when you wake up at 5:30 am!  I got what I could done to prepare for the week.  Then we went to Steak and Shake because kids eat free on Sundays with $8 purchase.  We had a few extra minutes before choir, so we hit the park as well.  Now everyone is tucked in bed of course.  It was a gorgeous day outside, but why do I find that out so late in the day? 72 degrees blue sky kind of day!  I keep thinking this nice weather won't last, but it will last for a bit longer than it does on PEI.  I still have time to enjoy it and I'm definitely trying.

Anyway, I feel achy and my nose is running and I have hot and cold flashes (without the tramadol this time).  So, I whipped out my essential oils, oregano, yes oregano, and thieves.  I do feel like they have helped curb the cold before it got worse.  Now Keturah has a bit of a runny nose.  And we have co op tomorrow, hm,....

The week is definitely full!  We have our first ever parent/teacher conference for Benaiah on Tuesday.  What do you talk about when your kid doesn't have any known issues?  He tells me everything that's going on there, including social interactions.  Aha!  Maybe that's a discussion point.  It doesn't involve him directly, and he's good about ignoring it, but maybe just find out what is going on and how he can handle it even better?  Who knows since it isn't affecting his education directly.  Anyway, all other parent/teacher conferences have been with myself, right? Lol.

Oh, and scroll all the way down for the surprise from yesterday!

They were actually quietly playing together while I saw sleeping.  Amazing!
Abishai loves fries dipped in cheese sauce or frisco melt sauce from Steak and Shake!

Birthday Cake milkshake and cheeseburger with fries for big girl K.

This bold monkey likes to scare his momma.  He's now leaning out over these openings on playground equipment.  Ugh.  He thinks it's hilarious.

Miss Monkey herself.

Abishai loved the bridge and didn't need to hold on at all!

I was excited to work on a couple of settings on my camera with the fading light.  And the trees are in their prime fall colors now.  I had fun playing around with it!

Kid feet are a fascination of mine.

I will never look at a maple leaf the same way again.  Oh Canada, I miss you!

Giant 9 square.

I want to play too!
And now for the reveal:

Justin wrote this on a sermon note sheet a few weeks ago and left it on Grandpa Johnson's table:

"Get rid of the old, put on the new." "Preach about Legos!" - Justin  Bwahahahahaha!!!!  Justin is one of those quiet introverts whose wheels are always turning and then when his thoughts finally come out, they are hilarious!  So, Grandpa took his advice and preached about Legos!  Sort of.  He really preached about connecting with people like Legos are made to connect.  
Grandpa shared Justin's Brick Bible from the stage.  I will give a disclaimer though about the Brick Bibles, Old or New Testaments: they do show scenes of circumcision and "laid with his wife."  Also lots of blood.  As far as I can tell, they are very accurate.  Unfortunately, the text for the sermon, the end of Colossians 4, was not in this Brick Bible.
Grandpa also showed everyone Justin's Lego x-wing that actually opens and closes.  Justin is the only kid who keeps his sets together.  And he left the minifigures and bullets home so they wouldn't get lost.
Showing the Brick Bible.
I would encourage you to listen to the sermon at www.thecreek.org.  What fun!

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