Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 292: Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkin Patch day!  And I dislike technology when it doesn't work and camera that break!  Yes, frustrating!  Trying to sync my iphone pics with icloud, making sure I have saved them to a cd and snapfish before deleting them, the process isn't easy!  But more importantly, my $200 lens broke on my DSLR today!  Something had been rattling around for a few months but it was working fine.  Well, today, I saw the problem, and it was a metal bracket that is part of the zooming lens had fallen completely off.  The guys at Roberts Camera said it would be easiest to just replace it.  Well, who has $200 in their back pocket?  Not I!  I regret letting them keep the old lens so it could be recycled, because I could still use it occasionally.  So I downsized to a lens that normally comes with a new DSLR that has a smaller zoom capability.  Sigh.  But I did find a smaller bag for $9 so I can protect it better.  And I priced some nicer straps.  My wishlist for Christmas is getting longer and more expensive.

Money, money, money.  Everything takes money and while we are blessed to have enough, I just can't have everything I want right now.  For the last few years I didn't have to fret over a bank account nearing the $0 mark.  Now I do, and I have more expenses coming up for doctors and such to keep me going.

Ok, rant over. We did make it to the pumpkin patch today, and it was a beautiful day to go!  It was getting pretty warm, like 75 degrees F when we left for home.  They had a lot of non pumpkin attractions, but unfortunately, they cost upwards of $5 per person for some.  I wish that they had included more fun stuff in their entrance fee up front.  But we did get to see the pumpkin eating dinosaur (whoops, no pic! but I've taken pics of it in years' past), and Abishai roared at it!  Abishai climbed up on tractors and said hi to the petting zoo animals.  The kids got to climb up on the haybale mountain and go through the haybale maze.  We walked through the corn maze together.  And then had fun on the hayride to patch and back.  It seemed like a pretty quick visit, but the kids had fun.  Abishai slept for 4 hrs this afternoon, after only sleeping 2 hrs per nap for the last 4 days.

Keturah had an appointment this afternoon, so I took her and then we went to Roberts to fix the camera.  Jared worked from home and Justin worked on homework and video gaming.

Cute train! $3 to ride though.

They posed themselves.

All of sudden, Keturah is "posing" for pictures.

Yes, they had a bird encounter exhibit at the pumpkin patch.

Notice Keturah's boots! Such a fashion statement!

These shows how high the hay ball mountain is.

Hay bale maze.

Corn maze.

Abishai got down and walked a bit through the maze.

I showed Abishai the corn and he wanted to eat it!

On the wagon ride.

He didn't want to sit on a pumpkin!

I see toes!  Abishai purposefully made his toes peek out of the closet.

He loves hiding in the closet!

Justin, and his fashion statement: black socks and sandals!
He didn't like the itchy straw, but he did enjoy the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch!

Hard to see, but this iguana is actually a bounce house!  I wish I had had enough cash to let the kids jump in it.  It was $5 a person.  And right next to it was the pumpkin eating dinosaur that everyone knows and loves at Waterman's Farm on Raymond St. in Indianapolis.

Oh the annual height pictures!  I do have pictures of the 3 older kids when they were younger with the same exact standup.

Abishai wanted to do it too!
*I'm sorry this posted late.  I had to work through my iPhone picture issues first.*

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