Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 301: Day 5 of sickness and boredom!

Well, we spent the whole day at home again, and actually plan to do it again tomorrow and most of Sunday.  We all still feel yucky in the morning, but are brighter by the evening.  And we don't want to spread it around either.  That means that we are bored.  Because it affects me too, and I have a toddler, I don't want huge messes from all those fun projects on pinterest.  Justin finished an audiobook today.  Keturah wrote a story.  And I brought up the jenga blocks from a box in the garage for Abishai to have something new to do.  Benaiah spent the whole day either sleeping or watching youtube videos on nerf guns.  The men folk drove to their next destination after finishing up at their first one.  Late night supper and setting up their product table.  Leah, who has the same sickness as us, felt a bit better today too.

So, I went ahead and postponed Abishai's baby dedication celebration.  I was putting too much pressure on myself to feel better for it.  And because it's a crowd of people, I would have to put my extrovert shoes on and smile when inside, I will probably still feel crummy.  Plus, we don't need to keep spreading the germs.  Plus, there's school for everyone on Monday.  There will another dedication ceremony in the spring.

What can I do to stay busy?  Normally I would shop online for Christmas or something, but there's no money for that right now either.  I'm going to have to clear my brain a bit to think creatively.  And I'm a bit behind on planning that out.  I did take a 2 hr nap today because I toke a dramimine like when I was dizzy. It says "non drowsy formula" but that's a lie, at least for me!  Vivid dreams, too.  I'm going to take one tonight so maybe it will help in the morning.

I knew Abishai would love the blocks!

So glad we kept the GeoTrax sets!  He gets very upset when they fall off the tracks though.

Abishai wanted to take these to bed.  And I let him for a few minutes.  But he wouldn't stop playing with them so I went back into the room and gently asked for them back.  He obliged.  5 minutes earlier, he would have had a screaming fit.   
Justin's tower.

Abishai's tower on my desk.
Sneaky grin. 
Back to arranging cars.

When we're bored, we FaceTime baba, just because we can.
And another mouse ran across my room!  Ugh!  I'm a little freaked out!  This was the first time I saw one live!  Make it stop!

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