Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 186 Time to Celebrate!

Yes, it's the 4th of July, but we actually didn't do anything all for that, besides eat a patriotic Peep.  We've been all partied out and just wanted to have a "normal" day.  So, we puttered and napped.  And Keturah came home!  And the cousins left.  And well, Grandma was sad, as she should be.  At least she has a puppy dog to love on still, and her hubby of course.

Abishai was thrilled to have a new playmate in the house! Although, Keturah couldn't understand why Abishai sleeps so long in the afternoon now.  He had been up for 6 hrs this morning awaiting her arrival, so he slept 4 hrs this afternoon!  Then we got to have dinner, the 5 of us, since Benaiah is at a CIY conference.  We also walked over to the park because Keturah hadn't been there yet.  Justin and I skated and walked around the perimeter of the park, while Jared, Keturah, and Abishai played.  After being there when there was water spraying, Abishai seemed confused that the splashpad was dry this time.  Then it was home for baths, peeps, and sleep.  We didn't take them out to fireworks, again, because we've been so tired.  But I can hear plenty of fun going on around us.  Hopefully it won't last as long as it did last night.  But we'll see.

Last few minutes with the cousins consisted of board games while waiting for breakfast made by Grandma.

Then they all learned about "xeroxing" i.e. scanning, copying, and printing.

They were fascinated by how the scanner's light scanned the page and then would print it out.  BUT, Grandma had it print on BOTH sides, so the printer would suck the paper back in to print the 2nd side.  Too cool!

Meanwhile, Justin decided he wanted to be buried in covered balls.

And Abishai liked the empty pool turned upside down. 
Keturah had finished all her reading points from the library a week ago!  Yeah!  We need to find our new library and get familiar with it, hopefully this week!  I also need library cards.

Then Keturah joined in having fun with the balls with ball surfing using the lid of the toybox.  They did this on the trampoline with the balls and the lid back in Charlottetown.

Before Benaiah left for CIY, the boys made a huge base, mostly with Lego characters doing silly things like this.  It's the way Justin likes to build and play.  Yes, a storm trooper from Star Wars is fishing!

Superman is trying to blow open the chest or something, so that's why his cape is up.

Captain Cold taking out another bad guy?

The Flash chasing a storm trooper.

Lots of cool scenes.

Keturah's new Legos.  This is the backstage set for the girl themed Lego.

Then there's this really neat tour bus that opens up complete with a stage AND a bathroom at the back of the bus with a toilet and shower and sink!

So neat!

Then the I-Rex from Justin's new set came along and wanted to eat the tour bus, go figure.

And, we have 4th of July colored Peeps for a treat! Yum!
Yes,we are blessed in this country to be able to move to different parts of it, to enjoy toys likes Legos without having fear of being killed, and to eat Peeps to our heart's content.  Hopefully, America will live on for another 240 years.  Happy birthday, United States of America!

P.S. I forgot the park pictures!

All that ice skating really paid off! Justin was able to put these inline skates on today and zip around like he's been doing it for years!  Too bad a) the skates are 20 years old and in rough shape and b) the sidewalk has "land mines" of wood chips on them.

Keturah knows how to hang from the swing and spin, spin, spin!  She LOVES it!

Abishai's like, "where did all the water go?"

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