Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 210: Delayed 4 hrs, 15 minutes and counting...

Well, it's only 6:30pm, but I might as well start writing the blog because oh my goodness, we've been waiting, waiting, waiting to pick up Jared.  He and the rest of us are stir crazy!  So, let's back up....

I got to bed last night at 12:45am.  Jared CALLS me FROM Germany (Facetime audio on wifi) saying there's a lot of uniformed people near his gate, including dogs at 2:45am (all times are Indiana time).  Oh boy, kind of scary.  Nothing came of it, but he called again at 3:45am to say he was about to board.  Then, Abishai randomly wakes up at 4:45am.  Thankfully he went back to bed until 7:45am.  I've been running on adrenaline all day until the original pick up time of 3:15.  I had known that the flight was canceled from Chicago to Indy because it had been since noon.  So we had to wait for Jared to land and figure that out.  He did, and then was getting in about 5pm.  It's now 6:38pm and his flight keeps getting pushed and pushed and pushed.  All due to weather.  Yes, it's good to be safe, but when you have 3 stir crazy kids, and the downstairs neighbor finally had enough and called me about it, you really don't have a good attitude about all these delays when you haven't seen your husband for 12 days and it's your 15th wedding anniversary! Anyway,.....

It's time to leave, and hopefully they won't sit on the tarmac too long....at least we avoided the heavy downpour outside.  I'll explain the rest of the story in pictures, because yes, I took pictures each time I was woken up last night and throughout the day today.  There's some interesting stuff in today's flight pattern!  Here goes.
Austria to Dusseldorf, Germany.

Germany to Chicago.

See the dark and light blue shading again? Yes, the sun had just come up in Germany when he left.

Flying over England, so jealous.

Flying over Greenland.

But then, they took a major diversion to Newfoundland.  They didn't land, but check out the weird pattern.  Not sure if they really did this, or it was a computer mistake.

South, back East, and then back North to the original path.


Crossing into the United States!

Michigan and Lake Michigan!

Big turnaround before landing made Jared feel quite ill.

The line of storms that kept getting in our way today.

At least Flight Aware tells us these kinds of things.  American Airlines did show the Chicago to Indy flight was canceled.  However I was unimpressed by the Indianapolis Airport's website and their data was wrong.

I was busy watching the flights and I turn around to find this behind me.  A sleepover!

Where's the Keturah?

Aw, sleepover pals.  Mom, Abishai put his butt in my face!

Mom, Abishai keeps destroying my walls!

Talented gymanst.

Waiting for Daddy to taxi onto the tarmac in Chicago so we could leave to get him at the Indy airport.

Last flight.

"And the heavens opened..." ok, I thought that was Genesis talking about the rainbow after the flood, but I think it's a quote from Jesus' baptism...."And a dove flew down on Jesus' shoulder and a large voice could be heard saying, 'This is my son in whom I'm well pleased.'"  But, point is, it's a pretty picture! 
Kids walking backwards on the moving sidewalk.  Abishai enjoying the lights for the first time.
Airplanes, Mommy, Airplanes
Daddy missed his littlest guy so much!
The joys of the baggage carousel.  Abishai was very impressed with the moving rubber bumper.
Abishai was enthralled with the airplanes.  But I think he was remembering being on one because he wanted me to keep pushing him in the stroller.
Since Jared was gone, I decided to be the one to buy a few things to celebrate 15 years of marriage.  Yeah for a happy balloon that we took to the airport tonight to greet Jared with.
Yes, I bought the 12 roses, too.  Very beautiful.  Plus a card, but I won't share what I wrote, lol.
I love how I captured this picture of Justin.  He's made a ton of progress on his skeleton Velociraptor.  It was a kit made of sand and plaster of paris you dug the plastic bones out of .
Dinosaur bones!  Justin was very careful to pick up and vacuum the dust when he was finished working on it for the day.
At home at last.  Missing one, yes, because he'd rather not take pictures with the family.

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