Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 190 What did I do today?

Hm,...not sure.  Maybe pictures will help?
Early morning cheesin' just because I gave him a strawberry!  He LOVES strawberries and blueberries (who doesn't?) and he knows where they are in the fridge.

Yes, THIS is what we get, at least some of the time.  Mr. Cheesin' Smile!

So, smiles in the morning. Check.  Oh, then during naptime, I, (yes, I!) installed more RAM memory on my laptop all by myself!  So proud of that fact! Ok, it was REALLY simple, but VERY nerve wracking but I couldn't bear the thought of messing it up and being without a computer.  Now, I still need to add actual memory for more programs/pictures but that's a bit more involved because it's not just adding a piece of hardware, I'm actually going to have to replace it.  So, I'll probably take it to Fry's to have them at least help me, or to get the right equipment.  But, I did it!  First time to mess with the hardware of a computer! #lifelonglearner

I also cleaned bathrooms and washed sheets today, but that's totally normal stuff, right?  Nothing to write home about, except I'm telling you anyway.

Then it was off to pick up Keturah from camp.

There's no red dirt, but at least we got grain mills!

And miles and miles of corn and soybeans.....actually, we have WALL of  CORN, i.e. CORNWALL.  Yeah, lame joke we used to tell ourselves on PEI.


Swinging with Mom at the camp waiting for Keturah.

Why yes she's wearing the same shorts she went to camp wearing on Tuesday, but you know, they are her favorites!  She's ready to come home!

Door to her climate controlled girls' dorm complete with the bathrooms/showers inside.  Gone are the days of no a/c and having to make late night trips in the dark to the bathroom using a flashlight and tripping over tree roots (yes, that was me at her age).

The camp she went to.  Very, very similar to Canoe Cove Christian Camp back on PEI.  Low-key, only one age group, just a handful of activities, smaller acreage, smaller price, etc.  Although, they did have a pop machine and the kids liked to combine the drink flavors.

Mom and Daughter.

Keturah talked our ears off on the way home.  She had SO MUCH FUN!  I was told she melted the counselors' hearts, made a friend named Sadie, and put milk in her cereal at breakfast for the first time (and it was "SO DELICIOUS!")  She had to get up at 7:30am which was such a tragedy (she gets up at the same time at home.) She had some favorite worship songs and some not so favorite ones.  She loved Romans 16:19 song and but didn't like "Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate" which we sung in church 20 years ago!  She said her team was named "Holy Guacamole" because Olivia, one of the teenagers, had a team by that name when she was a camper.  One thing she didn't like about camp was that on the first day, the pool was so cold.  And she had to walk a long way from the pool and canoe shed up to the rest of the camp which made her so tired she thought it was bedtime.  She said that there was a snake in the canoe shed!  She finished her book she brought to read at quiet time, so she read her action Bible.  Because she didn't have a "real" Bible, one of the counselors gave one to her.  They even made Bible covers!  Keturah got to try her hand at archery again and did a couple of gymnastics stunts with some girls during a talent show.  She loved all the notes she received from her cousins, Grandma, and us.  She wouldn't stop talking for like 1 hr straight!  That's awesome!  But she's also glad to be back and I heard her having to resettle Abishai because he went to bed first.  She was singing to him and talking to him.  Adorable!

Justin was hesitant this afternoon and not wanting to teach Keturah how to play Minecraft, but when I explained to him that a) he'll have to teach his kids some day to do things and b) 3 years ago Benaiah was 11 and had to let him learn at age 8 how to play video games at his own pace, he seems to have relented.  Sweet!

Like I said yesterday, this will be one of those $20 well spent.  They are only using the creative mode for now, which means no creepers or zombies or battles with people we don't know.  Justin's already created "Black Beauty" and a paddock for him, a castle, a swimming pool complete with a diving board that bounces and changing rooms, and lots of other cool stuff.  This is much better than those first person shooter games!

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