Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 207: Not peaches and cream

Yup, one of those days for sure.  I had a great meeting with our new homeschool co op, which is much more formal than our previous groups and co ops.  However, I'm trying to embrace it.  It will be a huge departure from what we are used to.  The kids will actually take classes once a week and then some homework will be assigned.  They include every subject, but I plan on still using our Mystery of History curriculum, and I might have to sub in our own math depending on what levels the co op decides on.  I'm actually teaching Justin's math "class" (all 3 students, lol).  I'm also going to work with the K-1st graders doing some yet to be determined unit studies.  But the middles will get to learn botany, Indiana history, and some in depth language arts studies, like vocabulary using root words/suffices/prefixes and heavy duty grammar.  It may not be what I've been working us towards as far as our homeschool "style" but I think it will work out ok.  Something new and different.  It's just for a year.  If we decide we don't like it, then we'll do it differently next year.  So, that big planning/paperwork meeting is over.  I have 5 weeks to prepare for that one.  The kids did get to meet a few of the other kids and did fine.  I'm sure we'll find our grove.

Now, for the not so fun part.  While Daddy is away, the kids will fight.  So, they ended up writing "I will not argue with my brother/sister." 10-15 times each.  I understand they get bored, but I can't and won't always entertain them.  Justin is good about trying his best to come up with things to do.  Keturah needs a little more direction.  She also threw a stomping fit today and had to go to bed early.  Yes, I like to keep our blog upbeat and cheerful, but I think it's also important to paint in accurate picture of our life, and that includes these ugly parts.  Tomorrow is a new day and we have some tasks to take care of.  If they get done, then perhaps I will take them to a pool.  We'll see.

Very few pictures were taken today, but here goes.

We went to Meijer before our meeting, and I actually found the exact same kind!  FYI, I'm doing a "paleo" kind of diet with no sugar and no grain.  So far so good, except for the headaches.  We'll get there.

And a little treat for myself.  Definitely a treat to use sparingly since it still gave me a stomachache although there's no aspartame in it.

Ok, and another treat.  Actually I got a few bags.  But they live in the fridge, and I'm lazy and won't get up to retrieve them often.

Writing out her "I will not argue" statements.

Meanwhile, Abishai got to have a cookie.  Actually, the other two did have treats too.

Don't take a picture of me writing this!

Some more goodies to work with!  Yes, that's peanut butter POWDER.  Cool, eh?  You add it to recipes like muffins and you can put it in smoothies.  Yum!

HSG! That's the name of our group and we got these nice binders!  Reminds me of our days from MOPS when we had a binder while we were in leadership.  Lots of forms and schedules and policies and such.

Abishai is always into hugging and wrestling.  He's very sweet.

Play with me big brother!

Oh those cheeks!  Shirt says, "Grandpa thinks I'm a keeper." I think it was Benaiah's.

Yes, yes, this kid, that smile, I know, I know.  I can't help but share it!

Good night!

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