Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 204 A little less chaotic

Today, Abishai and I didn't travel far from home because Grandma helped transport kids to the movies today.  All of us went to the grocery store first thing this morning because well, we gotta eat, and I'm trying out being paleo for a bit and needed more protein and veggies! I needed to change something for my health to improve.  Anyway, groceries in the morning, naps, and then movies for the oldest 3, who also had movies at home, but that's ok, I needed the nap, lol.  It was also so beastly hot.  I took Abishai outside after the kids left and could only be out there for 5 minutes before sweat poured off of us both.  Abishai was upset we had to come in, but it wasn't worth getting heatstroke.  I think we all acclimated to the colder northern country a little too much.  It's 10pm now and it's still 80 degrees.  The weather channel said 90 was today's high, but I bet the heat index was closer to 100.  Oppressive.  We are wimps.

He's too cute NOT to take pictures of him! He likes a blanket or pillow on his lap underneath his book or cars he's playing with.  He now drags that duckie blanket everywhere.  I'm trying to keep his paci in his crib though because I believe that they hinder talking and hurt teeth, etc.  But blankies are a nice comfort thing, aren't they?

The package Mommy's medicine came in makes for a great snack holder!

Nope, not potty training, but he wants to flush the toilet so I pulled it out . This is the result so far.  I don't think the others did this.  Goof!

Abishai is like a mini Justin.  Picky about food and needs a schedule.  And he lines up his cars perfectly, just like Justin did.

Oh the memories of Justin doing this.

What? Now she's IN the crib? Ok, just for a minute!

The boys went to see the new Star Trek: Beyond movie today with Grandpa.  Size matters not between these two.  What a hoot they are!

Big Bubba loves to play and roughhouse but he's always been super careful and gentle, too.  He's just so big! And Justin is getting bigger too with all his growing pains.  Justin is stretching out and thinning out more! He's such a twig!  Total opposites these two as well.

And yet, video games unite us all, don't they?

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