Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 211: Back to Normal

Ah, it's so nice when life gets back to "normal" after someone has been away.  I'm grateful that we all could pile into our bed (ok, not Benaiah, he's way too big now) for a quick snuggle today.  Those moments don't last, as evidenced by Benaiah being too big.  Side story: Benaiah sometimes had to take his morning nap with Daddy when he was mere months old because Jared worked the 3rd shift at the airport in security (but not TSA or anything, just local traffic type security).  We would put him on a pillow so he wasn't rolled up in our blankets or anything.  So, we'll blame Benaiah for starting all the snuggling in our bed in our house.  It's just amazing that he's as big as an adult now.  Jared bought him some clothes from Austria as a souvenir and Jared could even wear them!  I know I talk about his bigness alot, but it's not about his weight.  I'm just amazed at how my littlest baby is so grown up.  He's no longer a mini Jared, he's a Jared clone!  It's nuts!  And I don't necessarily wish he was smaller, but it's happened so fast over the last year or so.  At least Justin is still 70lbs soaking wet (the same weight at Socks!) and shorter than me, but that won't be for long.  Sigh.

Anyway, Jared did bring a few gifts for us, including some coffee and special drinks for me.  The rest I can show you in the pictures I took.  Then I had a nap because I just haven't slept well for the past few days.  It was interrupted several times, but at least I tried.  Then we decided to go to church this evening, to try a new routine of going to church on Saturday night, having Justin and Benaiah sleepover Grandpa's house so that Benaiah can help with communion prep early on Sunday morning and Justin can go to his middle school class.  It only meets at the 9:15.  And for us, 9:15 would work out better for Abishai's nap schedule, but we just can't make it out the door in time.  And going for 11 has proven difficult for getting Abishai to nap properly.  With us having a long day on Monday at our homeschool co op there's almost a 100% chance Abishai's nap won't go well, so I kind of need Sunday for him to have a good nap.  Anyway, I'm grateful for choices, that's for sure!  And I write all this seemingly boring stuff because well, I will read the blog again someday, and will be interested to know what we do ;-)  So, I'm hoping this new routine works well.  It's all about adjusting.  Adjusting in routines, adjusting how a cupboard or countertop is arranged if it isn't working, adjusting our minds to grasp how the homeschool year is going to go, and yes, adjusting to changes in flights (yesterday).  For a girl who doesn't prefer adjustments and changes, it's a lot.  But I get through it because my family is patient with me.

Church was different as in they used some videotaped testimonies for part of the sermon.  I like elements of the service like that so it isn't the same every week.  It doesn't need to happen often, but it's a great change of pace and makes us think.  We also sang a song between two of the videos, and said a prayer together between others.  Very neat.  Based on Colossians 3:12, and clothing ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Ah yes, something we all need to work on, especially heading into this new routine in the fall.  I'm printing it out and putting it up.

Abishai got a smiley face wooden spoon to bang things with, including his siblings!

Austrian/German coffee for me!

A dress/nightshirt for Keturah.

A soccer shirt for Justin since he likes nylon shirts (and in fact, he has many that are soccer shirts from Europe thanks to Grandpa and Daddy's previous mission trip to Kosova in 2010).

Tea for Jared.  And Benaiah was at a friend's birthday party, so he'll get his treats tomorrow.

Typical day of reading....

....and playing video games.

Babies are ready for church!
Hm,...this outfit looks familiar....oh wait, Benaiah wore this on his 2nd Easter I believe! And/or he had his two year old pictures in it.  Or maybe that was Justin.  Both boys wore it I think.

Changed out my camera lenses so I could get this cute close up.  Baby likes his corn!

New spoon and corn, a winning combination!
P.S. I'm working on getting Jared's pictures downloaded to my computer from his trip.  It's a little difficult with the different devices.  I think I may do a separate post or two about some of the ones I haven't already shared over the past two weeks.  He got some really neat pictures of things!  Until tomorrow!

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