Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 199 He left on a jet plane

Yup, right now, Jared is flying over the "Big Blue" (Finding Nemo) or "The Pond," the Atlantic Ocean.  I love tracking the airplanes, so, I've included what I can so far of his trip in tonight's blog.  I'll conclude it tomorrow.  He doesn't get into Zurich until 1am Indiana time, or 7am Zurich time.  Then he has a small hop over to Vienna, Austria.  So, long day for him.  I'll explain more with the pictures.

Meanwhile, church was good, except for the part where the oldest two boys of mine wouldn't sit still and leave each other alone.  They had me laughing, too, though.  I had to sit between them.  After a couple of short naps in the car, Abishai settled for a longer nap at home.  We had lunch at Grandma's house today.

These next couple of weeks, I'm going to work on getting the kids to obey boundaries and establish a more regular routine of eating and video game time and outdoor play, etc.  I'm hoping to get out and polish off some of these fun day trips, too, especially the Children's Museum and library.  We won't start school just yet, but putting these in place will bring peace to me.  It's all about habit training.  The kids like to "graze" when it comes to food and I'm tired of someone always being in the kitchen making another mess!  Since the husband, who tends to eat irregularly, is gone, now is the time to reestablish those guidelines.  I even put up a sign that said, "Kitchen closed from 9am-12pm and from 1pm-4pm so the cook can rest. Subject to change."  Yup, I tried to make it funny.

We are still thinking about and praying for Grandpa Cook, who made it through surgery on his hip today, but he's not out of the woods yet.  Please keep praying for him, and peace and comfort for everyone.


Jared's first flight of the day from Indy to JFK.  Screenshot from the app on my phone.

They have to circle around at JFK in order to line up for the runway.  Jared even mentioned it when I talked with him.

Flying over the "Big Blue."

Hey look! It's Prince Edward Island! And he flew over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland!  These places actually mean something to me now!

This is SO NEAT! Can you tell that there is a shadow over part of the map?  That's the daytime/nighttime line!  Good night California and good morning Russia!  I love maps!

I told ya they were goofing off at church! Later on, Justin fully extended his arms and legs to fly! Lol!  I'm trying to teach them how to behave at church, but I'm afraid it isn't sinking in too deeply. Sigh.
Yes, it's the "Misery Map!" What?! It tells how long the delays are at the big airports.  Hm,...useful, and kind of funny.
When Dad's away, the mice will play and party!  I think the middles love the ball pit just as much as Abishai does.  Best $8 I've spent all summer!

Abishai isn't afraid of the water.  He loves going in and out of our walk in shower giggling and proclaiming his happiness.

Nice tree beside our garage.  If the ground wasn't full of it's fruit, it would be perfect to homeschool under come fall!

Here's the fruit.  If it is a crab apple tree, do the apples really come this small?  I wonder if we could harvest them.
That's all she wrote for today, anxiously waiting for the text that says the husband has arrived in Europe.  Yup, I'm jealous.  But I'm still not in the season where I can travel there yet.  But I dream of it for sure.  The End.

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