Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 194 A peaceful birthday!

Ah, a peaceful, uneventful, not a lot of extra human contact 35th birthday for me! Just what the introvert needed.  I mean, we need our peeps, too, but, in smaller quantities than this culture thinks it needs.  I'm a hermit, yes.  My kids can be hermits, too.  I'm sure Justin's going to need a couple of days after CIY to just chill by himself.  Benaiah on the other hand, needs someone to talk to 24/7 so he can get his 10,000 words in for the day.  So, we balance each other out.

Anyway, 35, yup. It looks nothing like I dreamed 35 years would look like.  But, it is what it is.

Let's see.  Normal breakfast. Normal highs and lows of a toddler. Because I gave myself the strict rule of not leaving the neighborhood today, Jared and Keturah got groceries while Abishai napped.  I caught up on some paperwork (I don't mind paperwork) like plugging in Benaiah's school calendar.  I also had to figure out why my iPhone's iCloud wasn't syncing with the computer's iCloud app.  I just needed to say ok to an update or something.  And delete pictures and videos as always.  I went on a walk with Abishai for 30 minutes exploring the neighborhood which is SO QUIET.  I mean, think of a small suburban subdivision with condos and duplexes but without kids milling around.  I didn't see many cars in the driveways, the lawns were nicely mowed with beautiful flowerbeds, there was no trash lying about.  And no abandoned looking properties.  And the couple of people I saw were Caucasian.   Just based on the kids I see at our local park, I was thinking it was more of an African American neighborhood.  So, I find it very interesting.  I'm not racist by any means, but I do think about and take notice of these kinds of things.  For those who don't know, there are some very dangerous neighborhoods on the east side of Indianapolis.  But fortunately, we are just enough east and south to be out of the danger zones.  I'm starting to feel safer here.

Then it was a supper of leftovers, which is fine since that means no one had to cook, and food wasn't wasted.  I played a lot with Abishai who craves human interaction.  Oh, and we brought up a few book boxes today, but not enough to really make a dent in the project at large.  And the rest of the time was filled with me just puttering on my computer or playing my Facebook train game while Daddy and Keturah hung out playing Minecraft for probably 8 hrs!  No joke!  I thought I had bought it for Justin, but apparently, it's a great, non violent game for husbands, too! Ok, they are playing it on creative and peaceful mode, not with the zombies and creepers and such (Minecraft fans will know what I'm talking about.)  I'm sure Justin will be amazed at what Daddy built while he was gone.

A nice little fountain in our neighborhood.

There's a "Justin Lane" in our neighborhood!

Not trying to stalk anyone, but I wanted to show an example of the duplexes.  They have garages out front, and their front doors are kind of hidden.  The walkways between the two houses are divided by a fence and long garden areas, most of which are beautifully done.

Here's a few from yesterday that I forgot.  Abishai's eating animal crackers for breakfast (we don't have any cereals he likes and it's not a fan of toast) with a spoon!

Sibling love.

Oh goodness! This kid! He figured out if he blocks his nose like this, he can make himself sound different.  But he did so much and too deeply that he gave himself a nosebleed!  Good grief!

Baby Yoda! He did NOT want me taking off the towel Jared wrapped around him, so I tried to find an alternative that would actually stay on.  So, it's a little big, but he loved it!

Cuteness overload!

The Minecrafters, hard at work.

Separate worlds.

A new spot to play Minecraft from!

We thought we left Abishai with enough food to keep him busy at the counter for a few minutes, but when we came back, there he was, ON the counter.  He also dipped veggie sticks in queso dip and ate pickles today.

A little playtime.

Swimming in the toybox, a favorite game!

The hair! I know! I didn't get to it today either! I'll get the bangs done, and maybe the sides, but I can't bear to part with the back.  He has enough for a ponytail.  Whoops!  Perhaps tomorrow!

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