Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 209: I did it! Time to celebrate!

I got my Indiana driver's license today!  Yeah!! Another huge hurdle (for me) is over! Now we can get car insurance, and focus on Abishai's American passport and health insurance for everyone.  I'm so tired of all the paperwork!  It took forms of other ID (Social Security Card AND Passport), plus two pieces of mail with MY name on it to get my license today, on top of taking the written and driving test, including parallel parking.  All because we were out of the country! Crazy!

Well, then I took my new found freedom to the newest, biggest Kroger (grocery store) nearby to pick up a few things.  But, I got frustrated because it's so huge!  It now has clothes in it, and the layout is weird.  Kind of like the Atlantic Superstore in Canada.  It takes longer to find anything.  I had to be careful what a bought though because the appliance guys were coming to switch out the fridge.  So, it was a full day.  I'm tired and exhausted at putting stuff back into place.  The kids and Grandma did the legwork before the switch while I was gone.  And chasing a toddler all day long.

My crazy friend got me this crazy bag, too!  I am going to use it, although it doesn't say "mature" because my other one is beyond repair.  It's just for fun.

The fridge got replaced today!  No more half frozen freezer stuff!  Here's the before.

Here's the after.  I'm so determined to keep this counter cleaned off!
Yeah, the bookcases could finally go back!

Abishai LOVES dill pickles!  He can't stand cucumbers though.  He actually didn't like the feeling of the liquid in the jar though.  Goofball!

Someone who shall remain nameless (Jared) has taught our children to lick stuff off countertops and plates like this.

This little guy ate 1 WHOLE piece of pizza, plus 4 pickle slices, plus something else I can't remember for lunch, and then ate another whole slice plus 3 chicken nuggets for dinner! Growing much?
This little boy is enjoying his new/old archeology kit.  He's a Pokeman/Jurassic World/Lego/Flash pre teen who will soon be taller than me! And yet, weigh so much less than I do.  He did clean up his mess when he was finished.

'Cuz, he's cute.  And daddy misses him something awful.  Actually, you should have heard Abishai talk to daddy today (thanks Facetime Audio!).  So many "words" for Daddy!

My turn to capture a few clouds this evening when we went out to the garage to get some things.

Keturah went out in her footie pj's and rode her bike for a minute.  I didn't have a phone or camera with me though! She actually slipped off her bike and has some road rash on her hands now.  Ouch!

Sunset from our balcony.  It might not be the wide expanse of sky over water that we're used to, but it's still the same sun.

I also just got off from texting with Jared.  He's headed to the airport now to come home!  It's strange to have talked to him this afternoon around 3, then he sleeps through his "nighttime", and then I got to talk to him again, and I haven't even been near my bed the whole time!  It's kind of like your spouse working 2nd or 3rd shift and they have to sleep while you and the kids are off doing your thing.  He gets to go through Germany and then straight over northern England, Ireland, and Labroador before getting to Chicago.  I'm so jealous of being able to fly over those places.  Maybe someday.  15 hrs and he'll be here.  Can't wait!

And drum roll....today was Day 1 of 2 days (if you don't remember why it's a 2 part anniversary, just ask) of our 15th wedding anniversary!  Wahoo! Yes, 15! Some may say it doesn't feel like a long time ago, but actually it does when you think of where we've been, and what we've done, and you count how many kids we have, one being a freshman in high school this year.  It feels like a lifetime ago! I met Jared when I was 16 (about to turn 17), and Benaiah's 14.  Crazy stuff! But the old adage is true, the longer you are together, the more you fall in love with each other every day.  Even when things have been rough in the last couple of years with other parts of our life, our marriage has never been stronger.  Jared is definitely my rock.  And I can barely live without him.  Justin even bounced into my room today thinking today was the day we pick up Daddy.  I can't wait to take Abishai to the airport to see all the planes and run into his Daddy's arms! Then we can really celebrate our life together!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Jared!

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