Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 201 My man the tourist, while we work.

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to get some things accomplished and not be lazy or procrastinate. I have set some goals for the next 10 days, so I tackled a few of them today, which felt good.  It was muggy out, so I don't think any of us stepped outside today.  I like having air conditioning because it's so hot, but I always like to hear what's going on outside and not have to worry about closing the porch door to keep the heat out and a/c in.  And Keturah and I got to do a special project together.  Benaiah played PS4 and went to the gym with Grandpa.  Justin read, played micro machines, tried to build an escape boat I think from a movie, and generally said today didn't go as he had planned and he was unhappy.  He's got my personality, for good and bad.  Abishai was a handful.  Oh my.  He follows me everywhere and wants to involved in what I'm doing.  But often, he simply can't.  Either he has sticky fingers, or he'll run off with what I need, or he'll destroy what I've just done.  I know he wants someone to play with him, but we are all usually busy with our own things.  Keturah was pretty bored today, so she turned it into arguing and disobedience.  Hm,..not sure how I want to approach that one this time.

Anyway, I only caught a couple of pics today.  Here they are, starting with Mr. Tourist in Vienna.
I believe he was in the Vienna Opera House.  I have not context for any of these pictures, but, maybe I'll get a little more info tomorrow about them.  I asked him to try to go to places and take pictures of historical things since the kids do know their composers, artists, and other famous leaders from that area.  They would be able to make those connections now.

I'm sure there is a story here.  Old, old floor, like 500 years old? I really don't know.

Our secret project was cooking up the very berry plum pie recipe that Keturah had copied from a library book when the cousins were here.  They each got to get full color copies of a recipe and found that fascinating.  So, we actually made it!  I'm determined to do more projects and have fun.  She cut all the straweberries herself!  I dumped the raspberries in, and opened the can of plums and pitted them.

We added the sugar and then dumped them into a pre-made regular pie shell.  Therefore, I can't eat it, but that's ok.

A little tongue action there! Giving the crust an egg wash. 

Finished project!

Oh the joys of owning a DSLR that can capture these kinds of shots! Yum-O!

She asked for a second piece and I told her she can have one for breakfast.

I practiced getting on the floor and capturing some everyday moments, like Abishai deep in thought about these stacking cups that were from my childhood.

Bedtime reading complete with Keturah's reading "face," a contorted mouth! Too funny!


  1. Were you aware that Nana went to kindergarten in Vienna? Your great grandparents traveled on a music exchange. Great Nana worked on programs about "Kindermusic". Right next to me I salvaged a poster that's from Vienna.

    1. Kindermusic?! I think I've heard of that! And wow, I think I knew she was there, but wouldn't be able to pull that fact out of my head for sure. Thanks for letting me know! Someday I'll travel parts of Europe, someday! Thanks for sharing!