Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 198 The baby (and other things)

Today's not a blow by blow kind of day to talk about.  As I type, my husband's grandfather is very ill, and my mind has been on that all day.  He will hopefully have surgery on his hip that he broke in a fall yesterday (Friday, July 15th).  The outcome of that surgery is uncertain.  So, I've been distracted all day and can't even really remember what we did all day.  Maybe because it was one of my favorite kind of days, lazy hazy summer days where we had no people to see and nothing really that had to be done.  So we played, and puttered, and went to Meijer (like Wal-Mart for those non Mid West people).  And I tried a little hard to get better photos because I had the time to think through my shots.  Also, I just watched a youtube video that lasted over an hr, that had been a livestream on Facebook going through the new Ark Encounter at the Creation Museum in Ohio/KY.  We've been to the Creation Museum and it was incredible! I thoroughly understand Creation vs. Evolution (or at least many of the big points) because my mom loved the subject and taught her children the differences when she homeschooled us.  I even have some of the books she used, which were written by none other than Ken Ham 20 years ago!  Anyway, I would NOT watch the video if want to be surprised when you go because they do walk through the whole thing, however, If you don't mind seeing a bunch of it, the tour guide explains the purposes behind many of the exhibits and might really enhance your experience.  He didn't walk through all of each exhibit, but I learned more still on the topic just by watching the video.  I know Ken Ham and others do livestreams from the Creation Museum as well.  Both museums are pricey, BUT, they are well worth that price!  If someone can spend $80-$100 on one day at an amusement park, then they can afford to go to these two museums on two days.  But for those who are unable to go, here's the link for the video:

I was NOT endorsed for doing this, but just this along to my readers because it's an incredibly important topic and I am blown away by all that they have done creating these things.  I know that a very, very intelligent and well thought friend pointed out to me lately that the money spent on something like this could have been used in many different ways to help many different people, and I would agree, but I think something like this is ALSO needed in order to show the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.  The ministry, yes, does look to get a profit someday, but their heart isn't just in presenting Noah's or Creation's histories in the purest light directly from the Bible.  No, their heart is in presenting the gospel.  For example this tour guide did take 20 or so atheists through the Ark Encounter a couple of weeks ago.  Who knows what seeds were planted that day?  I love my friend, but my answer is BOTH are needed, physical needs being met through all kinds of people and ministries, and education like that at the Creation Museum or the Ark Encounter.  There is some overlap between the two museums, yes.  But if it is repeated, it is important, right?  Oh, by the way, today, we found one of those rubix type cubes that we had bought at the Creation Museum showing the 7 C's they use as a tool to present the gospel, in one of our education boxes.  Justin immediately started playing with it, remomorizing it.  The 7 C's are: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.  Beautiful.  It's SO worth it!

So, here's what we did with the day God gave us, a 7th day, the day of REST.

You can't tell, but here is a small plane (which you can't see) dragging an advertisement for McDonald's $1 drinks behind it (you can see the sign part).  Keturah and I thought it was neat.

Daddy needed to get gas after our grocery story run, so he let Abishai peek out the window like a dog would.  Abishai loved watching the cars go by.

First thing my kids discovered they could do this morning was play sardines in my pots and pans cupboard.  They even rearranged it so all 3 of them could fit!  Benaiah didn't even try, because well, he's too big.  I'm glad my cupboards have a little empty space now that I decluttered before we moved!

This is why today's blog is titled "the baby."  Yup, THIS one pulls those heart strings like no one else.  This smile.

All 3 in my cupboard (and the pots and pans).

Big shoes to fill.

Where would you like to go Big Sis?

My bike tastes good!

He wanted my camera!

Didn't I do a little better with these shots? Ok, I confess, I did have it on the "sports" setting which gives it a pretty fast shutter speed.  But still, I did have to arrange/stage/set up the shot each time.

She may still have training wheels, but she's learning new tricks all the time!

It's a conference!

Keturah was supposed to be putting books on a shelf, but she kept stopping too read the books.  Typical Johnson.

Oldest and youngest Johnson of the J6 enjoying a book together.

Ok, we live in land where a) we like to jumbo size certain things and b) we love new flavors!  These are REALLY good!

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