Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 205 Last weekend of summer...for some

Summer is over? What?! For some on the balanced calendar for school, summer is over next week.  It just hit 90 degrees though and we haven't gotten through the dog days of summer in my mind.  And because so much planning goes into the next year, I feel like I'm being pushed through and should be done with all my planning.  We've made it to a pool exactly once.  It's like we barely get started with one holiday/season and we are pushed right into the next.  Christmas decorations in October? Valentine's Day stuff the day after Christmas? School starting when it's 90 degrees?  Can we just enjoy TODAY?

I was pulling out a full color set of colored pencils for Benaiah and take a look at our collection! Does anyone need some colored pencils?  They are a little beat up.  I kept them in color groups, so next time we need a green pencil for something, we can easily find it.

I could probably make 5 sets like this at least!

We really did enjoy today.  Keturah and I spent some quiet time this morning at home with Abishai while the big boys did stuff with Grandma and Grandpa.  And then I took the 3 oldest boys to a friend's house for a BBQ.  The kids there were all Benaiah's age, but Abishai was the highlight of them all according to the adults.  The older boys were good with Justin as well.  We spent most of the time inside as it was just too hot to be out.

So, here's the highlights.

This was from last night.  Keturah's fav restaurant: Steak and Shake after seeing "Life with Pets" with Grandma!

Justin's disco floor in minecraft!

And a haircut, because well, some don't like boys looking shaggy.  I like shaggy.

Littlest boy did medium boy's chore this morning! Yes, he took the silverware out of the dishwasher and managed to get them into the drawer!  Not in the right slots, but still, a big helper!

Breakfast is always better with a car parked next to it.
Look, Aunt Shauna! Keturah is using the diaper bag Aunt Shauna got her as an overnight bag today!  I pulled it from the baby stuff knowing that she would probably use it for something like this.  Cool!

All organized, all by herself, including toothpaste and toothbrush without being reminded.  So grown up!

Watching a little TV from our bed.  Abishai's examining his toes because there was a long, and loose, toenail.  He was quite serious and enthralled about it.

Midday, I texted with Jared and he sent me a picture of a plate of cookies.  From Europe.  Ok then.

Party Time!

Monkey in the middle!

Can I see, too?

Always the good big brother.

Meanwhile Keturah played cards with Grandma.

And what do 6 boys do in a room together? Wrestle!

I told them of Benaiah's weakness: tickle him everywhere!

Abishai wants to be with the big boys.

I played chase the toddler for 3 hrs, so I was grateful to have about a 15 minute break when he found a digital timer to play with.

Benaiah's friend Dylan made this comment: it's the evolution of childhood, you sit on the floor to eat, then you sit on the stool....

...then you graduate to sitting on the couch with a table.  Great observation!

Look ma, I'm going for a drive! The chair didn't have a battery in it a the time.  This boy will find anything with a steering mechanism.

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