Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 195 Good, not so good, good. Thunder. Storm.

Yeah, that's how my/our day went.  I woke up fine, and breakfast went fine, and then both Jared and I jumped into paperwork.  I had great intentions of getting some progress done on the whole parallel parking thing, and it just didn't work out.  Plus, getting an appointment for a driving skills test is nearly impossible.  You have to call every day, first thing, to get maybe a cancellation! And I tried 4 different branches of the BMV.  I have no idea how Jared managed to just show up and take the test.  So, maybe I'll have lots of time to practice, maybe not.

But by the time I got that all figured out, it was 1pm.  Stink! Baby needed his nap and lunch hadn't been eaten yet.  Once that was done, and baby was asleep, Jared and I brought in some more book boxes for me to work on tonight and tomorrow.  I didn't get to them, but we did finalize Keturah's room and got the extra couple of boxes of hers that was sitting out in the living room put away in her room.  Now I have more space to do the books.

And it's pouring rain, and has been off and on since 4pm.  Lots of lightning and thunder.  Jared LOVES it.  I don't mind it, but I worry about my computer and tornadoes and such, especially now that we are only on the 2nd floor of the building.  Yes, inner bathrooms.  And I'm sure one of our neighbors might let us in as well.  Thankfully, the threat of tornadoes isn't too often.

Ok, now, it's not funny.  Pretty intense!

Other than those fantastical shots, I'll throw up a few more random ones from the day.  Most of them are Abishai because I was messing around with camera settings.

First, here's a picture of Justin (in the way back) with his D-group at CIY.  He comes back (exhausted I'm sure) tomorrow night around 11pm!  Oh, and I just realized that wow, these dorms at IWU where I went to school for 2 years (but not the dorm I stayed in cuz, yes, boys and girls were separated of course).  Fun stuff!

Yup, the RAM I thought I had successfully loaded, didn't load correctly.  I pulled it out (after I turned off the computer) and everything is fine again.  Grrr, now what to do?


Mad...Abishai's two main emotions as a 17 month old!

Mad clouds

Woah! File corrupted somehow.  Hm,....weird!  And so is the corn on the cob in her mouth looking weird.

Abishai has fallen in love with fake cheese and cracker sticks.  He ate two packs of them today!

Cute fluff butt (cloth diaper lingo) growling at the impending storm.

We got Keturah's shelves up today, so now she can display her rock star Legos instead of mixing them in with the rest of her Legos!  We have to remake her first rock star set though, which is the front stage.  This is the backstage.

And here's the tour bus, complete with a bathroom!  And Keturah has already redecorated her shelves and walls very nicely.

Keturah thought of putting some shoulder bags up over the edge of the bed.  She also wanted to give Abishai a roof over his bed (I think it fell down) using her blanket.  The main point of this picture is that these two will probably become inseparable.  We had wanted to give Keturah her own room, but there just isn't enough space in the other bedroom for Abishai.  Keturah hasn't complained once about the arrangement though.  She lovingly sings to Abishai if he's still awake or wakes up when she goes to bed.  Tonight they went to bed at the same time and left the door a crack, and that's why I was able to get this picture.  Keturah is loving having her boombox out and on most of the day, while she reads in her cozy spot on her bed.  She's been very happy as of late.  I think she's enjoying the one on one time with Mom and Dad while Justin is away.  These are the moments I live for and why I want to be home as much as possible and not enter the rat race and crazy lifestyle of keeping up with everyone.  What's the point of having a home filled with nice things if you aren't there to enjoy it?  I love being home and I think the majority of our family feels the same way.  Home.
P.S. I forgot poor Benaiah! He practiced getting up and getting ready for school this morning, and then played some raquetball with Grandpa.  Yeah!

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