Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 187 And she's off again...

Keturah was around for a little over 24 hrs before she was off again, this time to overnight summer camp! Wahoo!  She's going to a small Christian camp about an hr away.  We choose this camp because it mimicked in size and offerings and price as Canoe Cove on PEI.  She'll be gone until Friday.  But I think she really enjoyed being home and waking up with Abishai underneath her bed.  She loves to wake him up (when it's time to get up).  She's definitely a little mommy and her intuition of what he needs is a tremendous help.  I've missed her.  She seems to have grown up while we were apart.  My big 8 year old.

Keturah was also around today for the mundane routines of grocery shopping and passport photos for Abishai's US passport, which should be sent off soon.  And what do you know, Jared over purged and needed to find a suit jacket to wear for interviewing!  He got rid of every single one of his suit jackets but his wedding suit one.  Whoops!  So he and Justin spent the evening running around the town of Greenwood trying to find something that was less than $100.  Justin needed some one on one time because he has felt left out with Benaiah at CIY and now Keturah at camp where there was a gaga ball pit (a new game the kids love), and all the treats that Keturah got with the cousins.  Justin asked for Applebee's, so that's where they went for supper.  Sweet!  Abishai and I watched Imagination Movers, and played with the wall matchbox car track, and giggled, and pushed his blankie around in the stroller, etc etc etc.  And we ate leftover pizza (mine was gluten free of course).

Tomorrow, perhaps the boys and I will hit a pool.  Not sure.  If it rains, it will be the library.  Gotta find a library soon or well, this homeschooling mama will go crazy without having a library card and borrowing movies, etc etc

Found these two making up a story with their new big Lego sets.  I think Justin was introducing his guys and what they do to Keturah's rockstar girls. 
This is going to be hrs and hrs of entertainment!  He saw me put it up and zoom a car or two through and his excitement was loud and over the top!  He thinks he has to manually push the blue part down, but in reality it should work with gravity.  He does get the cars to go through and spin off of the bottom.  So, yes, this will be a fan favorite of awhile.

A little peep action!

Abishai put the bus and snack cup in the stroller to take them for a walk up and down the house.

In line ready for camp!  See, I told you she looks so grown up!

Ready to get her bunk set up.

Awww, where did my little girl go?

I hope she makes lots of new friends this week!  We know the missions organization that their gift money will go to, FAME.  And the nurse and her daughter, as well as one or two others also go to Indian Creek.  Super excited for her.  She had no fears and jumped right in.  See ya Mom and Dad!

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