Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 188 Treating the Middle Child

Oh the middle boy, Justin.  Poor guy, he's not the oldest, nor the only girl, nor the baby.  Just the middle child that gets forgotten.  Well, sort of.  He did complain pretty loudly that he didn't get any treats while Keturah was with the cousins, and Benaiah's CIY trip includes pool time.  He was jealous that Keturah's camp as gaga ball AND a pool.  He choose a Lego set instead of camp.  And he is going to CIY next week.  BUT, yes, poor guy, certainly hasn't done as many special things as Benaiah has.  So, yesterday, Daddy treated him to dinner and errand running.  And today, I took him to an indoor water park all by himself while Jared stayed home and Abishai slept.  Then I also treated us to shakes from Steak and Shake during happy hour (half off the price!)  Justin is a good little/big guy who regulates himself from eating too much sugar or having too much screen time.  He reads like a maniac, the same books over and over sometimes!  And he plays Lego for hours!  He's one of those "good" kids that don't always get the attention they need because they are so "good." I think I was one of those kids, too, and we certainly have similar personalities, he and I.  I write all this just to say, well, he's not "lost in the chaos." He is getting to the age of goofiness though and forgetfulness.  And he's simply getting bigger.  Soon his feet will be bigger than mine!  That's our Justin!

Abishai has had a good day full of racing his cars down the wall track and he's now out with Jared and Justin at the park, while I get a jumpstart on the blog and my evening so I can get to bed early.  I've been very tired lately, and today I sat for 2 hrs on a very hard bench up against a very hard wall at the pool and my body is just done for the day.  Abishai is a typical tantrum toddler, hard to understand what he wants, and he can't always have what he wants.  He's very determined, too.  And loud.  And looks up to his siblings.

Meanwhile, I kept asking Justin what he thought Benaiah and Keturah were doing today.  It was pouring rain this morning, so much so that most of the porch got wet because the wind was driving it INTO the porch AND the windowsills!  So, I think Keturah would have had to wait to go swimming until it cleared out this afternoon.  Benaiah was busy emailing me back and forth through Grandpa's email asking about what his limit was on souvenir buying.  That kid is another persistent one!  I guess it runs in our family!  And it may annoy me now, but being persistent as already served Benaiah well in good ways in the past and will continue to serve him in the future.

Here's a few pictures for today.
Abishai had been quietly playing for about 15 minutes when I discovered him doing this.  Thankfully, there was no soot in the fireplace for him to get dirty with!  A great spot to park his cars I guess! 
Abishai can eat chicken straight from the bone! He licked that bone clean!

Abishai wanted to be a big boy tonight and cut up his own chicken.  Daddy had to help him a bit though.

(Having trouble with captions, stay tuned)

The massive thunderstorm we had this morning that reached all the way up to Holland, MI where Benaiah is!

What brothers do!

Justin at the Indy Island indoor water park!  We were there for 2 hrs and he had a blast!

He went down this slide countless times!


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